Russia showed a weapon that has no analogues in the world

Last week in Moscow, the VI International Helicopter Exhibition HeliRussia-2013. In just a few years, she has had time to become the largest specialized event in Europe, ahead of the number of participants and exhibitors similar sites in the UK and the Czech Republic.


This year HeliRussia finally gained a clear and logical concept that puts it on a par with the world's leading helicopter salons. The exhibition featured more than 200 domestic and foreign companies from 18 countries.

In the open area in front of the "Crocus Expo" visitors met the main exhibit — the combat Air Force Russian attack helicopter Mi-35M. Not every day can be seen near the car, which in combat turns into a flying fortress.

The Mi-35M is an upgraded (mainly for export) version of the legendary "Crocodile" — Mi-24. Installed on it operated eight anti-tank missiles allow for a considerable distance hit any enemy tanks. To engage lightly armored targets and manpower on the helicopter posted twin 23-millimeter gun. Also Mi-35 can carry a couple of blocks of unguided rockets. The most important feature of the machine is the possibility of fighting at night.

The unique capabilities of helicopters Mi-35 is one of the most competitive in the world market exports Russia. At the time of delivery of these machines are made in Brazil. Mi-35 is in service with the Air Forces of Venezuela and other countries.

The export potential of Russian helicopter complex in general have become one of the main topics HeliRussia 2013. Reporter "Ytra" talked about it with the head of the Export Department helicopter and services, "Rosoboronexport" Grigory Kozlov, who headed the delegation of the Russian special exporter in the exhibition.

— What exactly are the benefits of Russian helicopters allow foreign customers to make a choice in their favor?

— The fact that the Russian rotorcraft, especially military transport and combat attack helicopters were preparing for the standards that allow it to operate in the most demanding conditions. Most of today's hot spots — the dust, sand and stones. A similar technique of development of foreign companies and firms is less reliable and prone to failures in the conduct of actual combat.

— It turns out that the real competitive offers American and European companies are now not?

— Have. But if you look at flying hours of our equipment and technology of Western models, the failure rate in difficult conditions in the western models will be much higher.

— Will increase the volume of deliveries of Mi-35M in Brazil?

— Typically, the customer takes a test batch begins to actively exploit, and having received some positive effect, extends the contract. Now they have just started to use. In a short time, and I hope we zarekomenduem themselves in this market in a positive way. After that, obviously there will be some continuation. I can also add that now there are negotiations about the establishment of a center of maintenance and repair on the territory of Brazil. Under the amount that we have put, this is not effective, and therefore, obviously, there are some prospects for the expansion of the market supply in this country.

Active delivery of Russian helicopters through the "Rosoboronexport" carried out today in Afghanistan. Under the contract with the U.S. Department of Defense, in the interests of the armed forces of the country there are available military transport vehicles such as the Mi-171. Selection of Americans in favor of Russian helicopters due to the fact that for decades they have proven to be almost the only rotorcraft capable of properly perform its functions under the toughest conditions.

It is equally important area of Russian exports of military helicopters and a promotion to the external market of new machines Mi-28NE and Ka-52, as well as light multipurpose helicopter Ka-226T.

By the way, Ka-226T, only this time in a civil — Medical — performance, has become another major premiere of holding "Helicopters of Russia" on HeliRussia-2013. Helicopter developed design bureau "Kamov", equipped with engines Arrius 2G1 French company Turbomeca, is modular in design and can be used for different purposes. The machine is equipped with a medical unit and intended for emergency evacuation, was presented in the main exhibition hall. For greater clarity in the presentation of the crew demonstrated techniques and rescue of victims first aid on a mannequin scowl, and volunteers from the number of visitors.

Ka-226T was not the only medical helicopter: located at Eurocopter's booth was put up its European counterpart — EC145 in medical design. Admittedly, the European car look more impressive. Its benefits include a wide side and hinged rear doors, and enough high-mounted main and tail rotor, which allows you to quickly carry out the loading and unloading of the victims without turning off the engine.

Particularly impressed by the correspondents "Ytra" produced devices are located above and below the helicopter-like powerful cutters. The answer to the company confirmed the assumption — it really cutters are designed to cut the power line wires when colliding with a helicopter. Given that air of "first aid" often operate in urban environments, the device can not be considered superfluous.

Medical EC145 helicopter was not only represented in the exhibition by Eurocopter. Another premiere HeliRussia-2013 is the new single-engine helicopter for business aviation EC130 T2. The main feature of this machine, in addition to the magnificent exterior and interior of the cabin, is the extremely low level of noise produced by it, provide a special design of the tail rotor. It is because of the reputation of the quietest helicopter EC130 T2 is the only rotary-wing aircraft that is authorized for use in the U.S. national park "Grand Canyon."

To finalize the medical theme, it is necessary to mention one sample presented at the salon. This is the first in the Russian light twin-engine helicopter Bell-429EMS/VIP with variable passenger and medical facilities. The displayed sample had a VIP-passenger configuration. Whether there will be someone from the future owners of Bell-429 desire to use it as a "first aid", not "executive limo" is unknown.

Speaking of updates HeliRussia-2013, not to mention medium twin-engine helicopter AW139. This is the first machine of this model, assembled at the factory HeliVert — the joint venture "Russian Helicopters" and AgustaWestland in the suburban Tomilino. AW139 — one of the best helicopters in its class for speed, flight characteristics and volume of the passenger cabin. The machine has excellent technical characteristics: cruising speed of 306 km / h, range over 927 km and will take about five hours.

We talked about a few of the most interesting exhibits, which ended in Moscow on Saturday. Perhaps this will enable the reader some idea of the HeliRussia-2013. For those who love helicopters and everything connected with them, but was unable to visit the exhibition, it remains to recall that it is better to see once than to read a few times. Next HeliRussia in exactly one year.

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