Russia: starving squirrels were attacking people in Yakutia


Russia: starving squirrels were attacking people in Yakutia

15.12.03, the


In Yakutia, hungry squirrels were attacking animals and humans. As reported today in the Committee on Natural Resources of the Republic, the aggressiveness of the protein has become a real disaster for the Mining District of Yakutia. According to information from local hunters, squirrels destroyed, like the mongoose, the whole animal fauna. There have been isolated cases of attacks on humans.
The reason for creating this situation is that the past summer was extremely dry. Fires destroyed much of the forest in Ulus, which is a natural squirrel reserve in the country. Proteins were left without food, threatening death to them this winter. Animals feel it, and their mentality is beginning to change. They gather in flocks of 20-50 individuals, and attack other animals, RIA "Novosti".
Yakutia game wardens and scientists are developing a package of measures to rescue the protein. In particular, the proposed purchase in the Amur region of 10 tons of pine nuts and scatter it in the forests of the Mountain district.

Battery News, 26.09.2003 9:33

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