Russia will become the leader in the field of ICT through the introduction of new communication technologies

The rate of growth of the Russian ICT market in 2012-2013. five times ahead of the global telecommunications market. This writes the trade publication ComNews, citing a study of J'Son &Partners.

According to analysts, the period of 2012-2020 years could be crucial in the formation of positive image of Russia as a potential leader in the field of ICT. Already this year, the growth of the Russian telecoms market will be 5%, while global growth will not exceed 1%. According to the study, the main driver supports consumer segment B2C, which are actively developing data services based on the latest communication technologies.

Due to the advent of mobile devices, providing more opportunities for communication, the general trend for the global telecom was the gradual displacement of the "voice" mobile internet and TV. "Today, to be successful in the telecommunications market — means to offer their customers more services and facilities, while minimizing the potential errors associated with the increase in traffic. Thus, the benefit to operators that are keeping pace with the times: introducing LTE and other new communication technologies, investing in the development and modernization of its infrastructure, "- says the press service of the RIC-Systems.  

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