Russia will improve the production of gunpowder

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The Russian government intends to modernize the 2016 Powder Mill, which should focus on the release of a new higher-quality gunpowder, the newspaper "Izvestia", citing a source in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Under this program, the plants will completely replace equipment: furnaces, dryers and autoclaves. The old equipment will either be disposed of or sold.

As a result of the modernization of the production area occupied by plants, significantly reduced. As a result of the new government program part of the powder companies will close, and instead will open new factories. The total amount of powder plants in Russia will be reduced.

The need to create new plants and closing of the old stems from the fact that some of the existing businesses located in the area of urban development. The source said the newspaper, now the Office is considering a plan to create productions for new industrial sites. In parallel, carries out scientific research to develop new recipes for gunpowder and their production technologies.

Currently, the largest Russian manufacturers of gunpowder are Tambov and Kazan plants. The leadership of these companies coming modernization has not yet commented. According to "Izvestia", by 2016 the Russian Defense Ministry will cut the annual purchase order gunpowder fivefold to 20-30 thousand tons.

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