Russia will not support the Kyoto Protocol

Russia does not want to support the Kyoto Protocol is an interesting

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation in a working meeting, said that at the end of the membership of the Kyoto Protocol in late 2012, the country has the intention not to participate in the Settlement, regulating carbon emissions. The decision is motivated by the lack of any material benefit to the state from the time of entry into the ranks of the members of the protocol in 2004, and too hard and unfair to countries with developing economies.

However, the government does not deny that in the future Russia may again extend its participation in the environmental agreement. But if the world suddenly again agree exactly what conditions must perform certain countries to reduce their emissions of harmful substances into the environment, Russia will not be very upset by the fact that the Kyoto Protocol will have to say goodbye. Among the countries that have refused to support the protocol in 2012, are also in Japan and Canada.
Unique opportunity to support the Kyoto-1 and subsequent periods, the protocol would be the conclusion of bilateral agreements between the EU, however, Glowing political relations between East and West Europe, is likely to make this option unlikely. A good proof of this relationship become Russia's Gazprom and the EU countries that support the new agreement on energy.

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