Russia will supply for ITER plasma diagnostics system

The corresponding agreement was signed in Moscow on Tuesday CEO ITER Organization Osamu Motojima and the head of the Russian ITER Project Office Alexei Krasil'nikov.

"I'm very happy that we are signing a document on the delivery of such an important system,"
, — Motojima said.

"We started developing this system 50 years ago, it was used as early as the first Soviet tokamaks, then won acclaim around the world and has been applied to the fusion devices in many countries"- Said the representative of the developer, Director of Plasma Physics Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute Mikhail Petrov.

He explained that it was an installation to control the ratio of deuterium and tritium in the plasma inside the reactor. This parameter is critical to the efficient operation of the plant.

Furthermore, this device will control the ionic composition of the plasma. The unit will be delivered in 2016.

In the creation of the ITER reactor being built in France, involving the EU, Switzerland, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States.

According to experts, ITER will be the first large-scale attempt to use for electricity generation fusion reaction that occurs in the sun — fusion reaction of hydrogen nuclei, which, if successful, will give humanity an inexhaustible source of energy.

European countries are making in the project about 50% of the funding, Russia accounted for approximately 10% of the total amount that will be invested in the form of high-tech equipment.

The cost of construction of ITER is now estimated at 13 billion euros, said the parliament. Initially, the amount shall be calculated 5 billion euros.

Agreement to build a thermonuclear facility was signed in 2006. Construction was originally planned to end in 2016, but now the start of experiments is not expected before 2019.

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