Russia won the right to repair, service and training fleet


Russia and Vietnam are building a center for repair and maintenance of ships of the Soviet and Russian-built in Cam Ranh, where there was one of the most important naval bases of the USSR abroad, as well as point of logistics. In recent years, Vietnam is one of the most active buyers of Russian military equipment. Moreover, purchased a high-tech products — ships and aircraft. It is in this center will serve ships of all classes and types up to medium repairs. In 2009, during a visit to Moscow by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed a contract to supply Vietnam six diesel-electric submarines. Also, the contract involves training of Vietnamese crews, which in Cam Ranh Bay, with the assistance of "Concern" NGOs "Aurora" has started to set up a training center.

Cam Ranh Bay is considered one of the best deep-water harbors in the world. In 1979, this bay was assigned to Vietnam in the gratuitous use of the USSR for 25 years. For Vietnam, who with the help of the USSR consistently fought off the Americans and the Chinese, it was a logical decision. The Soviet Union was also necessary to ensure the presence in the region, creating a counterweight to U.S. naval bases in the Philippines U.S..

At the base of the active restructuring lived here for more than ten thousand citizens of the USSR — the whole Soviet colony thousands of miles away from their native country. However, in the late 80’s and early 90’s years began to take place around the base of the events that would otherwise escape as camouflaged not name. Although the duration of the agreement due to expire only at the beginning of XXI century, with the base of early withdrawal of Soviet technology. The remaining one hundred person staff could not at the right level to maintain the infrastructure base, which reached a total area of hundreds of square kilometers.

In 1995, there was unparalleled in the history of Soviet aviation event — the landing on the airfield at Cam Ranh Bay was broken once 3 combat aircraft Su-27 squadrons of the "Russian Knights". Hanoi has demanded an annual fee of $ 500 million for the lease of the base. On the Russian side, a response would write off the rent of $ 10 billion debt to the USSR Vietnam harbor masters refused.

To be more convincing Vietnamese even threatened to give the base of China or the U.S., but this, of course, have gone too far — "such a cow needs most." Finally, at the beginning of zero RF officially gone from the base. Since then, the Vietnamese military airfield converted into a civilian airport and basing mixed regiment of military aviation is now unlikely.

"The position of Vietnam is not to allow any foreign country to place in Cam Ranh military bases," — said the Minister of National Defence of Vietnam, Army General Phung Quang Thanh. — "Instead of Vietnam intends to establish an international center in Cam Ranh service vessels to be operated independently."

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