Russian 10: The second stage of the competition

July 1, the second phasecompetition "Russia 10"— Internet users choose the attractions that will be included in the list of 10 visual symbols of Russia. In the three months to the project site have voted more than 17.5 million people. Selected 80 objects: a dozen of each federal district. 

Large-scale multimedia contest "Russia 10" flipped first major title. The project‘s website launched next. The inhabitants of our country continue to choose 10 main attractions.

A few words about the rules. Launched the second phase of the competition, "Russia-10" will run until September 1. 80 objects that take part in it — it’s a dozen leaders from each federal district. The finalists have to go out a total of 30 sites. Voting — the portal10russia.ruand via SMS. Now all the participants in the second round of the counter is reset votes. The fight for victory as they start to first. Home stretch — from 2 to 29 September. In the final counter will be reset again. 10 most worthy of natural and man-made symbols of Russia will be the winners of the national competition. They know the names of the country on the last Sunday of September.

Since the new voting has just started to draw any conclusions about the leaders too early. But to assume, based on the results of the first phase, it is possible. To list all the 80 participants who passed the first stage of a screen, of course, is not enough any time. So go over the top three.

In the Central District in Kolomna Kremlin leaders, Smolensk fortress wall (which is sure to keep the entire first stage) and Rostov Kremlin. In the Far Eastern District — Volcano Daddy, cable-stayed bridges and the Valley of Geysers. Volga District Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, Sheehan, a monument to Salavat Yulaev. Northwest: Pskov Kremlin (Krom), poles of weathering on the plateau Man-Pupu-Ner, the Curonian Spit. North Caucasian District: Mosque "Heart of Chechnya" (for it is very actively vote locals) Vovnushki, Midagrabinskie waterfalls. The Siberian Federal District in the lead is the deepest lake in the world Baikal. As well go to the Novosibirsk Zoo and Museum "Tomsk Pisanyza." In the Urals — Tobolsk Kremlin, Dalmatovo Assumption Monastery, Nevyansk Tower. Well, in the Southern District — Temple "Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni" Mamaev Kurgan, "Rodina — Mother" and Host Ascension Cathedral.

But exactly clear — and this is very interesting — that the second stage was never carried a Moscow landmark. Did not pass either the Moscow Kremlin, nor St. Basil Cathedral. Most metropolitan users on the site all the time was not very good, and here’s the result. What can be said about the regions that are involved in this struggle, as in fighting for their country.

In general, to make the top 10 of the monuments (man-made and natural) is certainly not an easy task. Especially given the size of our great country. And the interest of regional leaders are quite clear. He not only sports, but the most that neither is economic. Winning the competition — not just some abstract matter of prestige, it is about to lure tourists to their region, and together with him and his money. The project "Russia 10" is largely just about the development of domestic tourism, a tourist discoveries within their own country. But also about how to save what can still be saved. After all, as it turned out, vote on the website is not only "yes", but also "against" — against what a monument of history and architecture fades destroyed before our eyes.

An example of such a protest vote demonstrated the object of the Vladimir region. Homestead or farmstead Khrapovitsky Muromtsevo is just 200 kilometers from Moscow. But even this proximity, alas, does not affect the fact that the monument is just slow "dies."

We went to this place and try to understand the part about the project "Russia 10". 150 years ago, here arranged balls, musical evenings and meetings of the Russian nobility. 40 hectares of land, more than 70 buildings, gardens, fields, and, of course, lock in the best traditions of medieval Gothic and European modernism. Now estate Khrapovitsky gradually turning into ruins.

With the arrival of the Soviet state farm homestead passed "pioneer." The new owners quickly repainted the walls in blue and green, and the values and furniture allegedly sent to museum storerooms. The owners have changed, and today the state owns only 11 of the 20 surviving objects. Who got the other — you can only speculate.

The foundation is rotten, the walls are crumbling, the grounds are overgrown with bushes. May be required for the restoration of billions of rubles. But help is needed urgently: this winter’s 19th century manor house may not survive. The plans of the activists of the contest "Russia 10" to flash mobs and promotions. For them, this project — the last hope to save the main attraction of the area.

In Europe, medieval castles have become a permanent place of pilgrimage for tourists. Palaces refurbish, rebuild in museums, hotels, rent. Objects storie
s turned into a profitable business. Locals hope that their homestead ever follow the European example.

And the struggle activists estate Khrapovitsky yields results. Nearly 220,000 votes on the site for the first stage — for him. The object entered the top ten of the Central District and still fight for the victory.

But, in practice, not all fair vote. We have to calculate the so-called "cheating." For example, not so long ago with the voices of fraud found in Bashkiria. For object Shihany suddenly fell down a huge number of clicks. But the organizers of the project such "dirty tricks" are calculated quickly. Pseudo voices are removed, so that the robot Cheaters useless.

Was much more effective support in social networks. The project "Russia 10" spread and there. There grow a variety of support groups, calling to vote for this or that object. Leader in the number of participants — a group of "VKontakte". In the main Community competition consists of about 14,000 people. Many of the contestants are not one but several groups in social networks. We did some calculations, and here are the top most active:

Support groups Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin — 3.5 thousand people. In the web at this facility for more than 5 communities. Manor Khrapovitsky — 2,000 activists and 4 groups. Smolensky Cathedral of the Assumption — 6 groups in the main — about 1,500 people. And so on … So, win those who are asleep. But there is still time. Active second stage will last until early autumn.


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