Russian 3D-printers

3D-printer "Chameleon" — the printer, working in three-dimensional space

Three-dimensional printer "Chameleon" is a device enabling the models developed using 3D-modeling systems. The printer connects to a PC via USB and gets it necessary commands for the production model, servicing and tuning. The material used in printers is ABS plastic rod or PLA, diameter 3 mm. Possible to use materials such as with dyes or without.

3D printer Gen X

SKB "Cypress" — a team of enterprising specialists!
Our core business is the production of three-dimensional rapid prototyping devices (3D printers), bearing the name of Gen X.
Gen X — device available to everyone and allows you to create from simple models, such as hooks and unpretentious toys, to quite complex, such as housing for a variety of devices, models of buildings, and many others. You are only limited by your imagination. 


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