Russian action Live, forest!

October 20 at the initiative of the Federal Forestry Agency in most regions of Russia took the action "Live the forest!". According to preliminary data, participation in tree planting took more than 30,000 people.

Action "Live, forest!" In some regions of Russia began on October 18. As part of the campaign in all regions of the country took place plantations, harvesting of natural areas of garbage, as well as exhibitions and lectures about the forest.

As noted in the FFA, the main purpose of the event — to draw public attention to the preservation of "green lung" of the country.

"At this time, in many regions traditionally held autumn day forest planting, and this year we decided — as a country we have a large, somewhere in the north is snow in the south is very dry — that the action will not be called the forest planting stock, and just all-Russian action "Live forest!", said the head of forest management and forest regeneration of the Federal Forestry Agency Alexander Mariev. — In all regions of the Russian Federation the action takes place in different ways: somewhere besides the general landings create memorable alley somewhere spend drawing contests, somewhere write poems about the forest, generally discuss forest issues. "

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