Russian Agricultural Academy has created new varieties of grain for farmers

Getting the maximum yield at minimum cost — the task is performed by the Russian Academy of agricultural sciences. In an experimental assembly shop of grain Don Agricultural Research Institute (pictured) set up high-yielding varieties of wheat next generation that will replace the popular varieties that are now in production. Of particular interest is sort of dominant (R), which will replace such well-known varieties of winter wheat, as Severodonetsk, Governor.

Dominant — strong wheat. The protein content of the grain is 13,5-16,7%, gluten 30,2-35%, IDC — EP 76-89 Flour strength 290-335 ea The volume of bread 890-1020 cm3. The combination of alleles of gliadin "excellent" shows signs of genetic conditions of high frost resistance and grain quality.
The main advantages. High and stable quality of the grain. Designed for the average level of fertility of the soil. Adaptive to the cryogenic loads at different stages of ontogeny. Has an additional feature that enhances the adaptability, multi-node at tillering. The potential yield of more than 100 kilograms per hectare. Sort slabovospriimchiv to defeat brown rust, powdery mildew, snow mold, viral diseases, septariose and fusarium. Resistance to pests at стандарта.Высокоморозостоек, the preservation of plants at freezing -18,5? C at the depth of the tillering node is up to 63-82%. Provided increased resistance to spring frosts (-10 º C in air in a phase of stem) and long bedding ground-ice cover.

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