Russian air base south end of the year will receive helicopters Mi-35, Night Hunter and The Terminator


The Mi-28N "Night Hunter", Mi-8AMTSh "Terminator" and the Mi-35 to the end of the year will replace outdated equipment at two air bases of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), told reporters Thursday head of the press service of the district, Colonel Igor Gorbul.

"In the near future the two modern Mi-35 helicopter will arrive at air base combining air and air defense in Budennovsk (Stavropol). They are replacing the Mi-24. Until the end of 2012, the new technique will completely replace their predecessors, "- said Gorbul.

Also, according to him, by the end of 2012 Airbase combining air and air defense in the Krasnodar region will be fully equipped with new helicopters Mi-28N and Mi-8AMTSh.

"At the present time, and units received new equipment. This year, the combat strength of the army aviation SOUTH, in addition to having no analogues in the world of combat attack helicopters Ka -52 "Alligator", will join the multi-purpose transport helicopters Mi-26T, the new helicopters Mi-35, Mi-upgraded 8AMTSh and other modern aviation technology, "- said Gorbul.

The Mi-28N "Night Hunter" was created to find and destroy enemy armored vehicles, protected objects, boats and other small craft, anti-high-speed and low-flying enemy aircraft, and other tasks.

 Photos of Mi-28N:

Military transport helicopter Mi-8AMTSh able to destroy armored vehicles and surface targets. It is designed to transport up to 37 paratroopers, cargo weighing up to 4 tons, carrying up to 12 wounded on stretchers, carry out search and rescue operations. The helicopter can be equipped with missile guided weapon (a complex "Storm-V"), weapons with rockets, small arms and cannon armament systems of protection from destruction. Photo Mi-8AMTSh:



The Mi-35 is designed to destroy armored vehicles, fire support units of the Army, and the assault force to evacuate the wounded, as well as the transportation of goods in the cabin and externally. The helicopter has night vision, thermal imaging surveillance system, which enables the clock to detect objects at a distance of more than four kilometers.

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