Russian Air Force began to form a second squadron of the latest Su-34

Formation of the Second Squadron, equipped with the latest fighter-bombers Su-34 began in the Voronezh air base in the Western Military District (WEST), said Acting Spokesperson Major General Vladimir WEST Drobyshevskiy.

WEST first of the military district of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation adopted the latest Sukhoi Su-34. Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin said in August that the Russian army before the end of the year will receive six new Su-34.

"A pair of fighter-bombers Su-34 flew from Lipetsk aviation center at the airport," Baltimore "Voronezh region and became part of the regular units. Since the beginning of 2012 the Su-34 will routinely take part in combat training WEST "- said Drobyshevskiy.


Last week at the Voronezh aircraft flew the first four of Novosibirsk, which was the first squadron of Su-34 Voronezh air base. This is the first production Su-34, which entered the Army aviation units.

The new Su-34 is designed to replace the older Su-24 bombers. In December 1994, the airport of the Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant flew the first production Su-34 (T-10B-5), but the machine state tests completed only in 2011.


Among the features of the new generation aircraft — increased flight range of up to 4 thousand miles, maximum speed — up to 1.9 thousand kilometers per hour, and the latest avionics and weapon system. The Su-34 appeared the 30-millimeter gun, bomber combat load increased to 8 tons. In addition, the Sukhoi Design Bureau have completely redesigned the cockpit crew.

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