Russian Air Force decided to abandon the giant air base

The leadership of the Russian Air Force will gradually shift from the huge air bases to the principle of "one airfield — one regiment," said Air Force Commander, Lieutenant General Viktor Bondar "Airfield network will develop. We have already decided the leadership of the country, which at one airport will "sit" one aviation regiment, and the maximum number of aircraft — only staffing, which in this regiment. Huge database in which at more than 100 aircraft, will not "- said Bondarev, RIA" Novosti ".

He added that the army aviation regiments will be transferred from the current Army aviation brigades. However, four Army Aviation Brigade (by 88 helicopters) will remain.

Bondarev also noted that 10-11 year plan to upgrade the airfield to airfield gradually bring the network up to modern standards and to prepare all the runways to receive the latest aviation technology Earlier, on July 25, summing up the sudden inspection of troops TSB, at a meeting with journalists, the Minister of Defence Russian Army General Sergei Shoigu said

"The decision on the establishment of several major air bases in terms of the economy, perhaps correctly, but in terms of showing probable threats — no."



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