Russian Air Force flying armed with new radar

Beriev Aircraft Company. GM BBC Russian Beriev first mass upgraded AEW A-50U (Side number 47). The aircraft crew received the Air Force and flew from Taganrog to the place of their permanent bases in Ivanovo. Work on upgrading combatant aircraft A-50 Beriev underway. GM Beriev with Radio Engineering Corporation "Vega" in 2008 The focus is on upgrading the transition to new components onboard radio complex. Radically modernized jobs tactical crew members.


The new aircraft used "modern computing base, upgraded satellite communications station, greatly increased performance reliability of the onboard complex." Due to this, the capacity of the aircraft to detect air targets of different types, including helicopters, cruise missiles and supersonic aircraft.

Currently in service with the Russian Air Force AWACS aircraft are 26 A-50M based on the Il-76MD. Production of aircraft engaged in Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex Beriev. A-50 is able to fly at speeds of up to 800 kilometers per hour at a distance of 7.5 thousand kilometers. The aircraft is capable of detecting different types of air and ground targets at ranges up to 650 and 300 kilometers respectively. In this case, the complex provides support for up to 300 targets.

In early August 2011, it became known that Russia is creating a new AWACS aircraft A-100. According to the Russian Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin, 2013-2014 to be set up to support the new radio equipment, and the entire complex will be ready by 2016. Development of antennas and radar for the new AWACS aircraft has been completed. As a carrier for the new radar system will be used by the modified military transport aircraft Il-476 with PS-90.

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