Russian Air Force generals have bought to transport Ukrainian An-140

Air Force generals have bought to transport Ukrainian An-140
Air Force generals have bought to transport Ukrainian An-140

The AN-140, purchased by the Russian Air Force, will be used to transport senior military leadership — the commanders of military districts, fleets, types and branches of the Armed Forces, told "Izvestia" in the Air Force. These machines have to replace the An-26 and An-24, released 40-50 years ago, which is now moving warlords. Russian counterparts have no car.

— An-140 is designed for the transportation of personnel, although he also suitable transportation. The first car came to a complete set of civil interior — in fact it is a regular passenger plane. Five more we wait in the VIP-configuration with jobs — said the representative of the Air Force.

He stressed that the Ukrainian machine will not be able to completely replace the old An-26, as are not designed for specific military tasks.

— An-140 — this is a classic long-haul aircraft that is not designed for the landing and transportation of military equipment. He does not have to ramp — rear cargo hatch, — said the representative of the Air Force.

One of the leaders of the Chkalov airfield, which will be based An-140, explained that before the year is expected to supply six cars gathered at the Samara plant "Aviacor." In this case, the machine itself can leave without a job navigators.

— The crew of the AN-140 consists of two pilots. And the AN-26 — five people. Retrain pilots with the AN-26 can be 2-3 months. But navigators and "bortach" for this aircraft is not needed. Although we now hold trial operation of the machine and may be prompted to enter the crew navigator — after all it is a military aircraft, which should provide a specific task. But the final decision will be for the leadership of the Air Force, — the representative of the aerodrome.

At the headquarters of the Air Force explained that the navigators and flight engineers are now generally "endangered profession."

— Now navigators replaced the electronics. This is especially noticeable in civil aviation. We navigators still in demand, including combat aircraft. In principle, the AN-26 navigators may well be retrained for other navigators types of aircraft, including the Sukhoi Su-24 — said the representative of the staff.

Another high-ranking military, until recently occupied a key position in the Russian Air Force, said that buying the An-140 is the ultimate failure of the Russian Air Force by creating a whole line of planes on the basis of the Russian Il-112V.

— IL-112 was supposed to be a platform for a range of aircraft, including aircraft for special purposes. Converted for the purpose of An-140 will not be possible, it is produced under the license of Ukrainian Antonov. Of course, this is a mistake Ilyushin Design Bureau. They had to bring the car to the mind, — said the Air Force general.

One of the top managers Ilyushin Design Bureau said that the military did not have the patience to just two years.

— We have created a virtually production, began to collect the first instance. Two years later, the plane completed a full cycle of testing and it could be put into service. We still hope that the Defense Ministry will think again and bring this plane, because it is completely Russian and meets all the requirements specification for a small military transport plane — he said.

The manual Defense "News" reported that not exclude the possibility that IL-112 will be completed, but do not see a future for him.

— If the "Ilyushin" wants to offer us a plane, let build prototypes of, will test and show its capabilities. If the aircraft will approach us, we’ll buy it. And so — to pay money for some unknown reason — we can not, — said the representative of the military. 

According to the First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Konstantin Sivkova, Il-112 has ruined the time.

— An-140 was created 10 years after the project appeared Il-112. This is a more modern aircraft. In addition, he is ready. But in any case, despite the fact that Ukraine is incomprehensible policy towards Russia, enacting state aircraft, the position of which fluctuates constantly — is short-sighted attitude, — he said.

However, he stressed that spetszadach — for example, anti-submarine warfare — a Russian Il-112 was not suitable because its flight range was only 1.5 thousand km, while the need for anti-aircraft range of 5-7 kilometers. 

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