Russian Air Force instructors have replaced the Yak-130


Russian system of training military pilots in 2012 will receive the latest teaching Yak-130 is able to mimic the behavior of any other aircraft. Future pilots "Su" and "MiG" will develop the technology for flying their planes, "Yak" by changing the control system at the touch of a button. Prepare pilots are 12 instructors, who on July 28 began to study the aircraft in Boris Gleb.

Sts Aviation Center was founded in 1923 to prepare the Soviet military pilots. It is here that learned to fly Valery Chkalov, which entered the history of aviation non-stop flight across the North Pole.

The center currently preparing students for front-line bomber and ground attack aircraft — students of 4th and 5th year students of Krasnodar flight school. Flights go from six in the morning until late at night — in two shifts of 10 machines.

Senior pilot instructor Captain Sergei Zovoloka, which "News" caught right in the cockpit, first tried the wheel Yak-130 three days ago. Prior to that, he flew on the old Czech L-39 and Soviet Su-25.

— This is how to change the "Lada" in the "Lexus", — says Sergey, removing the helmet.
— The "Elki" were pointer instruments, mechanical control. Here fully electronic controls, displays all around — a beauty!

Thanks electronics plane immediately respond to the pilot, disappeared on 1-2-second gap inherent in machines with hydraulic pilots no longer need to guess the behavior of the machine with the delay of the teams.

The pilots were waiting for a plane the last 20 years, admitted to "Izvestia" deputy commander Lt. Col. Denis Centre Kochanowski. He was particularly needed to instructors who teach other pilots to fly.

— In the Yak-130 incorporated elements such automation, through which the machine simulates the behavior of any Russian or foreign fighters. However, it is predictable and understandable for both the student and for training — told "Izvestia" Kochanowski.

— To learn the Yak-130 is a snap. It’s very friendly toward the pilot car. Forgiving. Itself suggests — admitted to "News" Major Sergey Pozdnikov.

Turn the Yak-130 Su-30 or MiG-29 can be in the air. Simply select the desired mode in the on-board system. If we have to fight, Yak-130 is easy to become combative.

Plane at a time, lift the air up to 3 tons of high-precision missiles and corrected bombs — they can be used to destroy multiple ground targets, protect the border, including sea. At the same time Air Force specialists argue that the Yak-130 is to perform all cheaper than the "MiGs" and "Su" — flying fuel it consumes an order of magnitude smaller.

In addition, the aircraft superb handling qualities — it can safely fly at angles of attack up to 40 degrees with a velocity change of 200 to 800 km / h

If the pilot to lose control, lose consciousness, the plane can be planted from the ground using radio remote control system. As long as such a possibility no one training aircraft in the world.

However, the electronics in the combat aircraft — the weakest link. Because of capriciousness on-board computers have to keep aircraft in a specially built inflatable hangars at the airport with a constant temperature inside plus 15 degrees.

Summer in Boris Gleb under 40 degree heat in the winter as much, but with a minus sign. For the maintenance of aircraft in the night goes up to 1.5 tons of fuel.

However, such measures do not save. The pilots acknowledged that while flying is a lot of false positives warning systems. To the pilots were not put off every time, the producers even issued a special brochure "Special Cases flight Yak-130" size of a pack of cigarettes, which is painted in detail how to distinguish a false alarm, for example, an engine failure from the present.

— The machine is still "raw" many "hostages." Software is not yet finalized. We should 4th version of "firmware". In the 5th, they say, these errors are gone, just like in iPhones — laughing one of the pilots.

In the troops Yak-130 should go without the drawbacks. Therefore, the task Borisoglebsk instructors to catch all the "flea", which missed the testers.

As a result of training methods will be for pilots operating the Yak-130. The work is complicated, given that the Russian Air Force plan to put in 250 parts of such machines, making them, in fact, the only training aircraft.

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