Russian Air Force: MiG-31 still has no analogues in the world

In a world so far there is no analogue of the fourth-generation Russian fighter MiG — 31, so consider it obsolete in any case impossible. It is this opinion is shared by Colonel Valery Knish, sniper pilot, commander of the airbase "Khotilovo" which, in the Tver region. In December last year, Col. Vladimir Drik, representing the Ministry of Defence for the Air Force, said that by 2020, at the disposal of the Air Force received about 60 modernized MiG-31.

In 2011, the Ministry of Defence and Aircraft Corporation signed a contract for the repair and modernization of the MiG-31. In an interview with radio station "Echo of Moscow" V.Knysh said that if the plane is out of date, must always be equivalent to replace it.

They gave examples of when to replace the outdated MiG-25, MiG-31 came when the Su-27 was replaced by the Su-30, when fighter Su-34 has already replaced an outdated Su-24 bomber. Obsolete sniper pilot considers only the first version of the MiG-31, released in the 70’s and 80’s.
Since then, the interceptor significantly upgraded, it appeared the new release. Speaking about the shortcomings of the MiG-31, said V.Knysh costly operation, which is to a large fuel consumption. Despite this, the aircraft is so well done and is "so powerfully carry out its tasks," that "there was no point" to sell its foreign partners. According to information from the Defense Ministry of Russia, avionics advanced fighter-interceptor MiG-31 MB allows for effective interaction with the air defense missile systems.

The upgraded aircraft can perform the function of an air command center, which is responsible for the actions of other fighters who have less power radars. This fighter has new control system that provides increased target detection range (up to 320 kilometers), and the range of the lesion (280 kilometers).

The indisputable advantage of the MiG-31BM is its ability to simultaneously accompany up to 10 air targets. The main purpose of this fighter is to destroy cruise missiles and aircraft in inland and border areas of the country.

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