Russian Air Force pilots were trained for the first time on airplanes of 4 +


UC-130 — access to basic flight mode

The first group of Russian Air Force pilots in Lipetsk been retrained for new and upgraded aircraft generation "4 +", including combat training aircraft Yak-130, told reporters on Friday the official representative of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Vladimir Drik.

The Yak-130 is developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau of the Corporation "Irkut". It belongs to a new generation of training aircraft and is designed for both training and combat training of flight crews, and for operational use in a variety of weather conditions on the ground and air targets.

"About three thousand aviation professionals in 2011 were trained at the central officers’ course in the Lipetsk aviation center. In this case, 900 people have attended the training courses, which include more than 20 aviation professions ", — Drik said.

"First of all aircrew training was held at the new and upgraded aircraft systems of the" 4 + ", which include the Su-34, Yak-130, Su-27SM3 and Su-30M2, and the Ka-52 and Ka-226 and Mi-28N ", — He added.


SU-27 — aerobatic team "Russian Knights"

On Tuesday, a representative of the corporation "Irkut" Andrey Aleshin said that Russia until the end of the Algerian Ministry of Defense will supply 16 trainer aircraft Yak-130. Is also on this week in the Russian defense minister to visit Malaysia Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the amount being discussed Yak-130, which can be purchased in Malaysia.

Earlier, Russian Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin said that in the near future the Russian Defense Ministry intends to sign a contract for the supply of the army 65 trainer aircraft Yak-130. General Command of the Air Force decided to establish a pilot group that will fly on the Yak-130. Creating a light aircraft pilot group will apply widely smoke effects used flight groups in other countries, including France and Italy, Zelin explained.

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