Russian Air Force receive the latest Su-34 bombers

The first six new Sukhoi Su-34 in the near future will go into service of the Air Forces of Russia, said Tuesday the head of the press service of the Western Military District, Colonel Andrei Bobrun.


"Engineering and technical staff of the Voronezh air base flew to Novosibirsk Chkalov Aviation Production Association to receive the Su-34. Within 10 days, experts will make a thorough inspection of each aircraft, after which the company will arrive aircrew air base for ferrying aircraft to Voronezh ", — said Bobrun" Interfax ".

According to him, the pilots, who will operate the new equipment has already been trained and re-training center in Lipetsk.

At the Voronezh air base prepared specially equipped parking of aircraft, including special collapsible modules for storage of aircraft. Flight and engineering staff assigned to the Su-34, was a quality training at the training center and has received all the necessary certificates.

Among the features of the Su-34 — increased flight range of up to 4 thousand km, maximum speed — up to 1 thousand 900 km / h, and the installation of modern weapons systems. The Su-34 appeared 30 mm cannon, combat load increased to 8 tons.

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