Russian Air Force received ten transport and attack helicopters

Ulan-Ude Aircraft Plant transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Russia ten new transport and attack helicopters Mi-8AMTSh. The fact that the helicopters will be transferred to the military December 20, 2010 previously reported RIA Novosti news agency. Mi-8AMTSh will be based in Korenovskaya district of Krasnodar region, where will arrive on December 26 of this year.
According to a representative of the press service of the Ministry of Defense and Information Russian Colonel Vladimir Drik, the delivery of new helicopters was conducted as part of the modernization of military equipment the Air Force. In January 2010, Drik has announced that by the end of the year the Russian Air Force will receive four helicopters ANSAT-U and a number of Mi-28N and Ka-52.

Transport and attack helicopter Mi-8AMTSh equipped with a set of weapons, equivalent to the Mi-24, and has an on-board equipment, allowing to carry out combat missions, and at night. The helicopter can be equipped with guided and unguided missiles, cannon and small arms and active systems of self-defense.

The helicopter is capable of speeds up to 260 kilometers per hour to fly a distance of 570 kilometers. Mi-8AMTSh can carry up to 40 people, as well as loads of up to four tons.

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