Russian Air Force received the first batch of new Ka-52 Alligator

The first batch of the new Ka-52 entered the Russian Air Force. Four board one of the first to receive Torzhokskiy center deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation.

"Ka-52" Alligator "- a multi-purpose helicopter. The machine can carry out reconnaissance, target designation to conduct and coordinate the action of combat helicopters "- told RIA Novosti chief of Torzhoksky center Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Bakin.

On arms "Alligator" are gun, 30 mm, guided missiles "Whirlwind", unguided rockets S-24, as well as bombs. Take-off weight combat vehicle is 10.4 tons, crew — two men, cruising speed — 270 miles per hour, range — 520 miles, hovering ceiling — 3.6 thousand meters.

According Bakin, the helicopter is able to destroy armored vehicles, infantry and enemy air targets in all weather conditions and time of day. The Ka-52 is equipped with a unique system for crew rescue, which allows pilots to survive, even if the car was shot down at low altitude. In this case, special fire catapult which discharges pilot the height suitable for opening parachute.

In the framework of the state defense order the Russian army before 2012 receive about 30 Ka-52 helicopters.

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