Russian Air Force received three modernized Ruslan transport aircraft

MOSCOW, May 17 — RIA Novosti. Air Force (IAF) got three upgraded Russian heavy transport aircraft An-124-100 "Ruslan", told reporters Thursday at the Air Force Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Vladimir Drik.

"As part of the Air Force received three upgraded An-124-100" Ruslan ", and four aircraft ready to be shipped out of parts of the Military Transport Aviation (VTA) to the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory for deep modernization", — he said.

Ulyanovsk plant "Aviastar-SP" previously signed a contract with the Defense Ministry on the modernization and life extension of six An-124 until 2015.

According to a representative of the military department, the main directions of modernization of the aircraft — equipping with new avionics and navigation system, increased to 5.4 thousand kilometers of flight range, increased fuselage. The aircraft is equipped with a new braking system, which reduces to 30% the length of the landing run. New system of early warning collision with the ground (SRPPZ-2000).

"Until 2020, will be upgraded for about ten of these aircraft to modify the An-124-100M. Additionally, the Air Force will receive up to ten An-124-300 increased to 150 tons of payload," — said Drik.

AN-124 "Ruslan" today is the basis of the heavy fleet BTA. This is the biggest strategic military transport aircraft in the world, which is able to perform the tasks associated not only with transportation companies, but also with the participation of a number of space programs as a launching platform for launching rockets.


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