Russian Air Force received training complex for the development of the MiG-29 SMT

The unique interactive learning system piloting the upgraded MiG-29 SMT commissioned by a nationally recognized training of aviation personnel and military trials in Lipetsk, Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday an official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry on the Air Force (Air Force), Colonel Vladimir Drik.


According to the developer, and manufacturer, the MiG-29 SMT — is a deep modernization of the MiG-29, which is the multi-role fighter of "4 +" with a fundamentally new avionics, expanding the range of weapons and long-range flight. MiG-29 SMT announced in 2004.

"This system allows you to train pilots and maintenance personnel working on the MiG-29 SMT. The composition of this one until the Russian Air Force training system includes a computer room and a treatment simulator "- Drik said.

He explained that this system allows pilots to train the actions in the air special occasions, engineers and technicians — aircraft maintenance operations.

"Next year we plan to retrofit teaching computer classes for training on new and upgraded aircraft tactical aircraft other modifications" — added Drik.

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