Russian Air Force Sukhoi delivered 4 new Su-27SM

In mid-February, the Russian Air Force handed over the first four of the 12 ordered new single multi-purpose fighter Su-27SM, the contract for the supply of which has been signed between the company "Sukhoi" and the Russian Ministry of Defense during the MAKS-2009 in August 2009, the aircraft made a long-distance flight from Komsomolsk -on-Amur to the air base in the Crimean (Krasnodar region), which at the end of last year, has already received the new double multi-purpose fighter Su-30M2. Unlike Supplied in 2003-2009. Air Force Su-27SM obtained by KnAAPO combatant modernization of Su-27, the current car — new construction, earlier in the flight operation, are not.

Probably, the new Su-27SM are made on the basis of which remained on the production KnAAPO reserve on the airframe of the Su-27SK suspended license agreement with China. In this case, the machine equipped with new engines AL-31F-M1 (AL-31F series 42) production MMPP "Salut" differing increased to 13,500 kg thrust and extended life, and new complexes of equipment and weapons — even more sophisticated than those applied to the delivered still modernized Su-27SM.

As told in an interview to our magazine last autumn, General Director of "NIIP them. VV Tikhomirov "Yuriy White," at the end of September, the first successful launch of a modernized missile hitting a target board with a prototype of the Su-27SM3. To use this missile on longer distances upgraded antenna, a transmitter and a data link radio correction standard radar aircraft. The modernized Su-27SM3 transferred to the state test. " Apparently, the new fighters released just in this version. Simultaneously with the improvements of the radar sighting system and the introduction of the upgraded weapons medium-range missiles improved information-control field of the cockpit — it was completely "glass".

Driving the first of four new Su-27SM3 with factory airfield KnAAPO south Russian pilots performed Lipetsk Center deployment and retraining pilots of the Air Force of Russia headed by a military pilot deserved Russian sniper pilot Lt. Col. Yuri Spryadyshevym. The group set off from Komsomolsk-on-Amur on 15 February and on the same day made the first stopover at the air base, "Blast Furnace" near Chita, where at this time organized by the Ministry of Defense held a press tour correspondents Russian media. The trip flight ran through Novosibirsk and Perm, and was successfully completed in Krymsk. With three landings of the four new fighters overcame more than 7000 km from the Far East to Russia Krasnodar region on its south.

On KnAAPO meanwhile prepared for delivery to the customer the remaining eight aircraft under this contract. In all matters with funding from the Defense Ministry this year they will be able to get up in the system the Air Force.

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