Russian Air Force waited for new aircraft

The joint tests Sukhoi SU-34 was successfully completed. Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin signed on September 19, act on the results of tests in which it recommended that the new machine into service. It is supposed to be put into operation 120 aircraft of this model until 2020. According to the plans of the Ministry of Defence aircraft to replace outdated Su-24 bombers, which, however, do not write off completely, and leave to perform their respective tasks. Supplies to be carried out in several stages. Thus, the Russian Air Force will receive at the disposal of five squadrons of Su-34 to 24 units each. The cost of the project is about 20 trillion rubles. New product for export will only after the formation of the first shock connection to the Air Force of Russia.


Americans are confused, they do not have anything like our new product and it is unlikely in the near future will be a competitive model of this type. There have something to panic, because they simply have nothing to oppose the creation KB behalf Suhogo.Novy plane, the ability to perform tasks closer to the class of long-range aircraft. With the ability to refuel in the air radius of its effect is limited only by the presence of a flying tanker within its range. The first aerial refueling it made during the non-stop flight from the western part of Russia to the Far East, to the place of exercise "East 2010." The pilots have the opportunity to relax, relieving each other, and eat, warm up in the microwave board rations. In addition to reducing fatigue pilot seats are equipped with a back massage and first used in military aircraft. In general, reviews of the pilots, the car turned a reliable, powerful and comfortable.

The technical equipment SU-34 has no peers in the same Air Force in the world. It carries up to eight tons of different weapons on 12 external hardpoints in his arsenal includes new missiles "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface". Can be used ammunition correctable satellite system, thanks to this plane becomes a unique method for precise reduction targets of small size, such as terrorist bases, command posts and various military warehouses. The new radar with an active phased array capable of detecting targets at long range. The kit includes regular weapon gun, 30 mm, to prevent the detection of enemy air defenses is an upgraded installation of the A-150 "Pastel"


The power plant is a novelty bypass turbojet engines AL-31F, which, when drawn 80.9 kilonewtons in flight mode and 132.3 kN in afterburner able to give the car a speed of about 1,400 km of land / h and at an altitude of about 10000metrov — 1900 kilometers per hour. All this despite the take-off weight of more than 44 tons. Thus onboard fuel capacity provides range of up to 4,000 kilometers.

Safety of the crew in this plane is at the highest level due to the armored cockpit with a wall thickness of 17 millimeters. This armor protects the pilots and equipment of the bullets hit small arms and rocket fragments, similar to cabin stood on the Su-25. When abnormal situation both in the air and on the ground Catapult allows the crew to leave the plane almost instantly.

It is worth noting an interesting fact from the still short biography of the SU-34. While still not officially accepted into service, he managed to show themselves in actual combat. We are talking about the war in South Ossetia in 2008, during an operation on the interaction of the forces of the Russian Air Force strike aircraft plane struggled with the Georgian air defense systems. As a result of combat use anti-radar missiles was destroyed by enemy radar 36D6-M. By the way, this is not the first time the use of weapons, not yet adopted by the army, the practice was widely used during the Soviet era.


Sukhoi began development of the Su-34 in the late eighties, and in April 1990 a prototype bomber, identified as "T10V-1", took to the air. For his reference was the heavy fighter Su-27, designed to gain air superiority and was introduced a number of innovations. Thus, the design of airframe received additional horizontal tail, the pilot’s seat is not located in tandem, as is customary, and next to each other. Entrance to the cabin too has moved from the traditional machines of this class seats and is now located in a niche nose landing gear. Engines received additional gas turbine unit TA14-130-55, which was made possible thanks to the launch of the main engines without the use of airport equipment. This makes tactical bombers independent of equipment airfields near the front. State testing of SU-34 began in 2006, in 2011, the design of the aircraft were made a few more changes, and as such he appeared before the selection committee.


Production of the new bomber deployed on the basis of the name Chkalov NAPO, founded in 1931. Since 1996, the association is part of the holding company "Sukhoi" and except for the production of Su-34 employed in the program, the fifth generation fighter. To ensure timely delivery of aircraft to the troops, NAPO embarked on a project to modernize production and plans to spend on it about 2 billion rubles. Required to purchase and install new processing centers in the workshops of the association. Part of the funds provided under the program of modernization of the defense-industrial complex, articulated by Putin in April this year. As spoken by NAPO, it will simultaneously collect up to 20 cars, and thereby avoid a collapse delivery dates designated by the government of the Russian Federation.

Finally aviation Russia will completely new model, not another modification, as it was many years before!

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