Russian Air Force will give the fighter of the fifth generation in 2013 (Monsters & Critics, USA)

Moscow — In 2013, the Russian Air Force will receive a fifth-generation fighter for test flights.

According to the Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin, test flights of the T-50 are already underway, and there is no doubt that the fighter will be provided to the Air Force pilot operation in the next year.

The most modern Russian fighter T-50 made its first flight in 2010. Reported that were built three such plane.

Squads working on fourth-generation fighters Mig-31, is already getting new missiles "air-air" with the increased twice range of action that will also enhance the combat effectiveness of Russian Air Force, Zelin said.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called on the government to massive investments in modern equipment for the armed forces of the country.

According to news reports, the Russian Air Force hopes to get 60 fighter T-50 in 2016.

U.S. is currently the only country with the fifth-generation fighter — F-22. According to the U.S. military, these fighters are 5-10 times more efficient than previous models of military aircraft.

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