Russian Air Force will receive 20 new radar systems in 2012

About 20 new radar systems (RLC) will receive radar troops (PTB) Russian Air Force until the end of 2012, reported on Thursday a representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on Air Force Col. Vladimir Drik.

Information on the number of already functioning radar systems is sensitive.

Drik said that these include the updated station "Gamma S1M", "Sopka", "Volga" and various modifications stations series, "Heaven." Priority to retool for new facilities will be at schools, ranges, training centers and units of aerospace defense.

Defense Ministry spokesman said that the share of the secured portion of RTV Air Force with modern radar systems by 2020 will reach 70%. In particular, by 2020, it is planned to put about 100 RFCs "Sky-M".

Radar troops are the arm of the Russian Air Force and are designed to maintain radar surveillance of the air enemy radar and issuing of air situation controls the Air Force and other branches of service and the armed forces, military command and control facilities aviation, anti-aircraft missile and electronic warfare units.

RTV Air Force made up of radio regiments that are included in the organizational structure of the association the BBC, SAI Brigade and other units and organizations directly under the chief command of the Air Force.

For all who want to know more about the Sky-Y (and modifications) I want to offer:

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