Russian Air Force will receive 60 interceptor MiG-31BM

Over 60 fighter-interceptor MiG-31, the Air Force will be upgraded to Russia in 2020, told RIA Novosti on Friday a representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on Air Force Col. Vladimir Drik. "Prior to 2020 for the needs of the Air Force planned to upgrade more than 60 fighter-interceptor MiG-31 to modify BM" — he said. The contract for the modernization and maintenance of the MiG-31, the Russian Defense Ministry and United Aircraft Corporation signed in 2011. Airborne equipment upgraded fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM allows efficient interaction with anti-aircraft air defense missile systems. The aircraft can be used as an air command post to coordinate the actions of other types of fighters, equipped with less powerful radars. The aircraft is equipped with a new weapon control system, which increased the detection range of up to 320 km and the range of fire of up to 280 km. In this case, the MiG-31BM will be able to simultaneously track up to ten air targets, six of which can be fired at the same time. The main purpose of the fighter-interceptor MiG-31 is to destroy aircraft and cruise missiles along the border and inland areas.

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