Russian Air Force will receive a set of modern electronic warfare family Vitebsk

In early 2013 the Air Forces of Russia will go complexes latest electronic warfare (EW) of the family "Vitebsk", developed by FSUE "SRI Screen" in Samara.

This was "Izvestia" reported in the Main Command of the Air Force. Complexes created on a digital basis and are designed to protect aircraft from anti-aircraft missiles and radar. Protection is staging optical and electronic jamming. 

— The main element of "Vitebsk" — a digital jammer (TSSAP), which received index L-370-3C. It’s faster counterparts at other complexes, such as "sorption" on the Su-27, "Omul" on the Su-25, "Gerdeniya" on the MiG-29, — said the representative of the main command.

He said that "Vitebsk" not only evaluates the radiation of enemy radar, but the "presses" the signal over a wider range of frequencies. In addition to TSSAP complex includes protection against missiles with a heat seeker (TGSN). This system blinding enemy missile laser illuminator.

According to the "News" in the first place, "Vitebsk" will equip the Su-25 attack aircraft and attack helicopters. Complex electronic warfare aircraft received index "Vitebsk-25" and is currently being tested in the state Flight Research Center in Akhtubinsk Volgograd region. In turn, an informed source in Oboronprom told "Izvestia" that a new set of ECM can be put into service "yesterday."

— With the "Vitebsk-25" turned out as always with us. The complex was commissioned by the Ministry of Defence in 2011, and then found out that it can not adopt without official tests. Now we eliminate this disadvantage, having already signed a contract for the production, — he stressed.


 Also, the source said that some elements of the "Vitebsk" for two years now mounted under the symbol L-370P-2 attack helicopters Ka-52, and under the symbol L-370E-8 — in transport Mi-8MTs. However, the helicopter is not adapted TSSAP, so that the helicopters are only protected against missiles with a heat seeker, and instead of the usual laser projectors are light. 


 According to a source in the defense industry, working on TSSAP for the Ka-52 have been completed and the case now we need to SRI to "Screen" and the firm "Kamov" agreed on the draft. 


— We hope that next year, the Ka-52 will be equipped with TSSAP. In addition, the completed test "Vitebsk" for transport helicopters Mi-26 and Mi-26T2 modification by the nickname "Flying Cow". This "cow" electronic warfare equipment will include an active jammers and laser projectors. A Mi-26 shooting system will be a welcome heat traps — continued defense spokesman.


Finally, a set of "Vitebsk" is developed for the transport aircraft IL-476. But while the aircraft manufacturers and the Air Force have not decided on the requirements for weight, size and location of accommodation complex on board the aircraft.


 Independent military expert, one of the authors of the book "The New Russian Army" Anton Lavrov, approves work on "Vitebsk".


— Defense Technology does not stand still, become sophisticated. Changing the frequency, methods of signal coding, and at the base of everything are digital technologies. So this aviation complex EW fully meet modern requirements — Lavrov said in an interview with "Izvestia".


 He also agreed with the logic of the Air Force, which is primarily equips "Vitebsk" helicopters and gunships. It is these types of aircraft are in the greatest approach to the enemy, so often under attack air defense systems, he said.

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