Russian Air Force will receive eight new Su-27SM


Russian Air Force until the end of November 2011 will be adopted eight new Su-27SM, reports "Interfax" referring to a source in the military-industrial complex. Assembly of aircraft at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association has been completed. These fighters will be delivered under a contract for 12 Su-27SM, which was signed in 2009. The first four aircraft under this agreement are transferred to the Air Force.

Source agency stressed that it is a newly built fighter, not the upgraded version of the SM to the Su-27S. Meanwhile, currently underway at KnAAPO and modernization of Su-27S, facing the Air Force of Russia. What is the number of fighters have already gone through a modernization program, is not specified. According to various estimates, currently in service with the Russian Air Force are from 195 to 350 Su-27 fighters of different versions.

About the delivery of four new Su-27SM fighters Russian Air Force became known in February 2011. As reported previously sent military planes in flight operations are. November 1 this year, it was reported that the units and the Eastern Military District since the beginning of the year were more than a hundred units of new aircraft and helicopters. In particular, the composition of the fleet included 46 Su-27SM and two Su-30MK2.

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