Russian Air Force will receive more than 180 new aircraft by the end of the year

Air Force (IAF) Russia will this year about 180 new aircraft and helicopters, according to the Russian Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondar. "This year, we get about 180 new aircraft and helicopters. Absolutely new," — said in an interview Bondarev radio station "Echo of Moscow", which was posted on the website on Friday. Bondar said that the Russian Air Force already have ten new Su-34 and get another order of 12 aircraft, and in addition, the troops received the Ka-52 and Mi-28. Talking about the quality of combat vehicles, the commander in chief said the aircraft are equipped with the latest avionics and more powerful weapons. "With the arrival of that changed the Su-34’s interior space, which is filled with other devices. Standing multifunctional displays that show the pilot to display information on the status of aircraft on which he flies," — he said. "In addition to all aircraft of the problem, decide which machines are much more clearly defined, target weapons much better and more accurate. Therefore, it is a completely new aircraft, "- said Cooper. According to Bondarev, the Su-35 and T-50 (PAK FA) have a more modern aircraft, "we are waiting for, and which will soon be in our system." "We also get new aircraft for training of aviation units. This Yak-130 aircraft, we have ten, this year we have 15," — said Cooper. Evaluating new training aircraft Bondar said that "the Yak-130 aircraft wonderful, it is very easy for the cadet, for initial training aircraft not think of a better … get the plane, which decides how training and combat missions with the use of the entire class of weapons almost that we have now at this stage. " Air Force Commander recalled that in 2011 received about 120 new aircraft and helicopters, which went into service of aircraft parts.

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