Russian Air Force will receive over 30 helicopters ANSAT 2020

More than 30 new light training helicopters "ANSAT" will receive the Air Force until 2020, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday a representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on Air Force Col. Vladimir Drik.

"By the end of this year, the airfield" Falcon "Syzransky branch VUNTS Air Force (Sizran helicopter training school) will be equipped with six new helicopters" ANSAT-U. "Overall, in 2020, the Air Force will receive more than 30 of these cars," — he said.

According to him, flight instructors Syzransky VUNTS branch of the Air Force, "BBA" passed retraining on this type of helicopter and is ready for the training flights with students.

Light helicopters "ANSAT" designed to teach initial flight training of cadets of military aviation schools and in the future will have to replace the obsolete Mi-2.

In contrast to the basic model in the cockpit mounted double set of command authorities. Behind the back seat taken by the student and the instructor of the second place for six more students who may succeed each other in the pilot’s seat right in flight.

Presence "ANSAT" digital integrated electrical remote control allows you to use the machine as a training. The system can "tune" the requirements of the particular training flight from the constraints of flight conditions on the critical modes of operation.

The system also allows you to simulate various flight situations, adjust the "tolerance" helicopter to faulty operation, and to use a single, unified machine, both for initial training as well as for advanced training or retraining of pilots to other helicopters.

Electronic engine management system to "ANSAT" allows for training to safely simulate the failure of one of the engines and save the resource powerplant.

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