Russian airborne troops have gone over to the GLONASS


Airborne Troops (VDV) of Russia have gone over to the Russian navigation system GLONASS, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, spokesman for the Defense Ministry, Major Airborne Irina Kruglov. Formerly head of the military topographic control of the General Staff, Rear Admiral Sergei Kozlov said the GLONASS system, which has been successfully implemented in the army, in their characteristics are almost caught up with the American GPS and other global counterparts. 

"During 2010-2011, the received satellite navigation equipment (ASN) and the means of GLONASS augmentation in volume, fully satisfy the current demand," — said Kruglov.

 Thus the representative of the Ministry of Defense explained that during the 2012 Airborne get a new individual (wearable) with the prospect of ACH electronic download topographic maps, it will allow a more qualitative assess the situation and target areas. Lineup ACH existing in-service Navy, today, is composed of eight different versions of high-tech equipment, new weapons and military equipment supplied to the troops already integrated with the navigation equipment (mobile satellite navigation built into objects of weapons and military equipment in its production), explained the source agency. "In technology, already in use in the course of 2011 held steady replacement of outdated navigation equipment with more modern individual (portable) navigation systems GLONASS kits" — added the major. These products are used to automatically determine the current location coordinates, time and ground speed of the consumer’s satellite navigation system GLONASS, as well as to perform calculations in the preparation and firing of artillery fire control units.

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