Russian aircraft broke its own record for the transportation of passengers

Russian airlines in 2010 carried nearly 57 million passengers, which is 26.2 percent more than in 2009 (45.1 million passengers). This is stated in a press release Rosaviation. Reuters notes that such Russian airlines have put 18-year-old record for the transportation of passengers.
Last year, airlines have increased international traffic by 30.3 per cent (27.7 million), domestic — by 22.6 percent (29.2 million people). The percentage of passenger load factor rose to 78.2 from 74.3 a year earlier.

By far the most successful year in the history of Russian aviation was in 2008, when the services of Russian carriers benefited 49.5 million people.

"Aeroflot", Russia’s largest airline, has increased traffic for the year by 29 percent (11.3 million people). "Transaero" carried 32.2 percent more passengers (6.6 million people), Siberia (S7) — by 5.6 percent. UTair transportation increased by 25.4 percent, and Orenburg Airlines — 49.3 percent.

Only five of the largest airlines in Russia for more than half of all passenger traffic in Russia in 2010.

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