Russian aircraft designers began to work on the development of the sixth-generation fighter

As Russia began to develop an unmanned fighter sixth generation. Details promising project were not disclosed, but it is already clear that the jump in a generation following the example of France, we will not, and now the Russian aircraft designers still continue to actively work on fifth-generation fighter T-50 PAK FA.

On the eve of the beginning of the development of the air show MAKS-2013 told the former commander of the Air Force Russian Army GeneralPeter Dejnekin. Responding to a question, if we could, as some European countries, to buy plane of the fifth generation in the U.S. to immediately engage the release of the sixth-generation aircraft, the general said that it is impossible to compare, for example, France and Russia —"We have to do this important work alone, so jump in a generation, we are unlikely to succeed". He said the topic requires further study of unmanned aerial vehicles long range, especially as the sixth generation of combat aircraft, most likely, will be unmanned.

Although the timing of the project were not called, the test pilot T-50Sergei Bogdansaid earlier RIA "Novosti" that the sixth-generation combat aircraft may appear not earlier than 15 years. "It would seem that technology is developing rapidly, but still on the fourth-generation fighter of the fifth generation to have passed 35 years"? he explained. However, Bogdan said: Despite the fact that the prospective aircraft will be unmanned, manned aircraft will live long.

In turn, the chief editor of "The Rise"Andrey Fominexplained "Finam FM», that, in his opinion, the sixth generation? pure theory, as we have fifth-generation aircraft are now the initial stage of development:

Those aircraft that are currently in service, in most of thefourth-generation fighters. It should be understood that the fifth-generation aircraft are in the initial stages of its development. As we know, the aircraft T-50 PAK FA is being tested, and the first delivery of the initial batch of aircraft pilot in the Air Force are scheduled for 2016. Accordingly, production will continue at least until the second half of the next decade and likely longer. The sixth generationit is a "great way", which can only discuss the theorists of military aviation.

Recall that in the Russian far end test fifth-generation fighter T-50 PAK FA, which was developed division of United Aircraft Corporation — "Sukhoi", RIA "Novosti". In the Russian Air Force will replace the Su-27. And the only fifth-generation fighter aircraft operated by the moment — it’s F-22 Raptor, which is in service with the U.S. Army since 2001.

So far not even know what the specific requirements of the Russian military will be offered for the sixth-generation fighter. However, we can assume that the machine will have a number of characteristics: they will be unmanned, will be connected to a single computer system, battle management, have over-or hypersonic flight speed (up to 5.8 thousand km / h) range, it will be hardly noticeable and super-maneuverable and can carry on board laser and electromagnetic weapons. For reference, the Americans announced that they will create the sixth-generation fighter in the years 2030-2050.

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