Russian AK-74M is superior American M-16 rifle


MOSCOW, February 12. (ARMS-TASS). The Russian MachineAK-74Msuperior to the American M-16 rifle — this is shown by comparative trials with the participation of domestic experts. For details, told the radio station "Echo of Moscow" chief designer for wearable weapons and combat gear troops of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH) Vladimir Lepine.

"According to the test results we can say that our machine with our ammunition at exceeds the performance to date M-16 rifle," — said Lepine. He stressed that the criteria which were exhibited in the comparison of these types of weapons, meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. "This is a comparison of the combined conditions, verification of the weapon without cleaning and lubrication for 5 days. All set up to throwing weapons from a height of 1.2 m Will it (the gun) work authorization will, Unauthorized, activation of mechanisms — for This complex things we have implemented a test "- said the general designer.

According to him, the problems with the M-16 emerged when checking weapons "to dust and sand." "At first we dust rifle stopped, started to occur unavoidable delays, which according to our requirements are not allowed", — quotes Liepina ITAR-TASS. He added that serious difficulties arose with the American rifle and "sprinkling" a Russian machine "met all the necessary requirements."

Regarding the effectiveness of weapons, which consists of determining the characteristics of kuchnostnyh and penetration, AK-74M also surpassed the U.S. arms of 5.56 mm, signed Lepine.

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