Russian alcohol producers are on the verge of collapse

Entered since the beginning of the year new rules for selling alcohol begin to yield its first results. In January-February 2013 production of spirits decreased by 27.7 percent. At the same time, experts warn that because of higher prices of liquor lovers, previously bought the factory product can upgrade to the consumption of various surrogates. 

Record decline prefabricated vodka and cognac was in January. This is not surprising: in December, before the introduction of new excise taxes many businesses working in three shifts, that he might fill storage products with the old price (from the new collection, the state increased by 30 percent). However, in February spirits were produced by a quarter less than in February 2012. Russian authorities in some regions have even been forced to support local large producers. For example, in the administration of the Smolensk region decided to allocate funds from the regional budget to cover the costs of utilities distillery plants.

Recall that the decline in sales is in line with the government strategy aimed at reducing alcohol consumption in Russia.

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