Russian amphibious ship Azov headed to Tartus

Large landing ship Russian Black Sea Fleet "Azov" headed for the Syrian port of Tartus, where the point of logistics of the Russian Navy, said Thursday the military-diplomatic source.


"BDK" Azov "adopted in Novorossiysk on board a few pieces of equipment and special forces units. On the eve of the ship safely overcome the Black Sea straits area and today went into the Aegean Sea at a meeting with the group of warships of the Navy, "- said the source.

According to him, "Azov" to meet with escorts on Friday. Next week BDK will go to the Syrian port of Tartus, transfers"Interfax".

According to the newspaper VIEW, before it became known that a large landing ship Black Sea Fleet "Saratov" broke down on the way to doctrine mezhflotskie in the Mediterranean. The ship began to self-repair.

The ship was supposed to meet with a group of warships of the Black Sea Fleet, performing combat missions in the Mediterranean, and the next week "Saratov" will go to the Syrian port of Tartus, where is the point of logistics of the Russian Navy.

Recall that in late December, a large amphibious assault ship "Azov" and "Nicholas Phylchenkov" out from Novorossiysk to the Syrian port of Tartus with the Marine Corps Special Forces soldiers and a few pieces of equipment on board.


Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Ministry of Defense preparedplan large-scale operation to evacuate Russian citizens from Syria, according to the document, a few days security forces are ready to take out of the dangerous area of about 30 thousand Russians.

Rescuers have provided several methods and routes for evacuation of Russians. The first way — combined. People will be on road transport to deliver to the Syrian port of Tartus and Latakia and from there by sea to ship to Cyprus, to the port of Larnaca.

Refugees from there transported to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Defense aircraft, as well as scheduled flights "Aeroflot", "Sayprus Airways’ aircraft at Airbus-320 (capacity — 180 people).

Also in the evacuation of Russian authorities plan to use four-passenger ferry, "Apolonia" (250 seats), "Ant-1" (90 seats), "Ant-2" (68 seats) and "Konarev" (75 seats).

Now, these ferries are in the waters of the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea. Also expected to participate in the operation of the watch and large amphibious ships of the Baltic and Black Sea fleets.


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