Russian Antarctic

Antarctica is one of the most neglected areas of our earth, "ball", one of the most severe and probably still one of the most beautiful :-) I suggest you read the works of photographer and polar explorer, Ruslan Eliseev, which chronicles the life of the Russian Antarctic station "Bellingshausen "and around it.

1-On the cliff above the bay on the left Ardley — geodetic tower:

2 Iceberg in Drake Passage. Worn by winds and currents, sometimes icebergs stranded for a long time and can stand in one place:

3 Panorama Russian station "Bellingshausen" (right) and the Chilean base, "Frei" (left)

4 When the glacier, which is in constant motion, encounters an obstacle, it cracks appear multimeter:

5 — "Akademik Fedorov" — one of the few research vessels, currently used for its intended purpose: for example, delivers the goods to the Russian Antarctic Expedition:

6-cargo ship "Anderma" constantly on duty at the Russian Antarctic station "Bellingshausen". He flips on the coast of Georgia, who bring larger ships to Antarctica:

7 Delivery of goods and participants of the South Korean Antarctic expedition to the station "King Sejong":

8 Part of the cargo on board the "Akademik Fedorov" being moved to the polar stations around the helicopter:

9 Ice in Ardley Bay at night:

10 milestones mark, made by polar explorers, which are attached nameplates home towns and the distances to them. It is based on the wreckage of an old sailing ship that crashed off the coast of Antarctica. Glider is still lying in the middle of the island of Waterloo named in his honor bay Ship:

11 Church of the Holy Trinity, the only Orthodox church on the mainland, was felled by masters in the Altai and transported to the Antarctic island of Waterloo. Since 2004, when he finished building, there are constantly carrying out of service:

12 — "Cribs" Gentoo penguins: as long as the kids grow up, parents are almost always carried out in the sea, producing food for them:

13-dive under the ice — a chance to see the unexpected shades of the Antarctic:

14 There is a green and red algae, as well as underwater animals of all colors of the rainbow:

15 Humpback Whale, Humpback he is. Southern populations of whales feeding on krill off the coast of Antarctica

16 Branhinekta or zhabronog — primitive crustacean, the closest relative of shrimp. They are found in fresh water island Waterloo

17 Crew private yacht "March September Phim" time to evacuate before the ship turned iceberg. Now the boat is on the nine-meter depth in the Bay of Ardley:


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