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Completed its work II International Forum "Engineering Technologies 2012" (TVM-2012). In addition to the bright techno-musical with dancing tanks and flying motorcycles on it the first time you could see the military equipment that will determine the face of the Russian Armed Forces. Determine whether or not …
One of the really sensational news forum was made public on Friday, June 29. Deputy director of "Rosoboronexport" Igor Sevastyanov said that along with France is developing a new infantry fighting vehicle. Also, according to Sevastyanov, the French have proposed a new design and the Russian-French armored personnel carrier. Even the United States has expressed interest in the joint Russian-American military technology of the future development. This confirms the high level of domestic activities in the fields of wheel-tracked combat vehicles. In this regard, it is not clear why our native military establishment refers to the domestic armor with some squeamish disdain.

What base will be at the Russian-French infantry fighting vehicles, which show promise as a finished product in a couple of years, is still not entirely clear. Maybe it will be tracked BMP-3, and, perhaps, on a wheeled armored vehicle the French VBCI. In any case, the Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov salon Eurosatory-2012 armored personnel carrier that has paid attention.

The exhibition "Oboronekspo-2012", which took place at the forum TVM-2012, the French showed mock VBCI. The motto of the developers of the group of companies NEXTER, that produced the armored personnel carrier, "will save lives," it is probably appeals to the heads of the Defense Ministry. Now actively declared slogans about saving the personnel of the Armed Forces, that of military service should not be burdensome, and as comfortable as possible.

What is the essence of preservation of lives of fighters from the point of view of NEXTER? Without false modesty, it is "an incomparable ability to survive."

It is guaranteed by the following processing methods:

— Ballistic protection with a body made of an alloy of aluminum with connecting modular armor or type of Hard Kill.

— Protection against mines.

— Protection against improvised explosive devices.

— The "Invisible", provided with special coatings.

— Protection Soft-Kill against homing missiles due to the infrared radiation and setting smoke missiles.

Positioned and "combat effectiveness", which is achieved by:

— Tactical mobility.

— High firepower.

— Airmobile.

— Easy loading and unloading.

— Good maneuverability, in particular, in urban conditions.

— The comfort of the crew.

— Willingness to take on board the soldiers working with digital technology high.

All this is great but absolutely all of our infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, particularly deeply modernized, built on exactly the same principles. And if, for example, to conduct a comparative test yet of the Soviet BTR-90 and the modern French VBCI, but it is unknown what the car would have won the tests, including the comfort and security. But the BTR-90 is rejected for one reason — his engine-transmission compartment behind, and if it is contrary to international practices of combat vehicles for the infantry.

Of course, when the output of the landing is through large rear ramp lowered to the ground, it is convenient. But, according to military experts, even Indiscriminate machine gun fire in the huge rear ramp open doorway guaranteed to destroy all the troops — direct hits and rebound. But to get to the side door of BTR-80 and BTR-90 is almost impossible. But the decision is made, and the Russian designers are now designing new armored personnel carriers with access through the rear.

Tula KBP for the umpteenth time shows mounted grenade launchers AGS-30. The troops are well aware of the AGS-17 "Flame", created in 1968 in the name of CB Nudelman and put into service in 1971. He showed himself well during the fighting in Afghanistan. Its only drawback — the weight of 30 kg. However, the American equivalent Mk-19 weighs in at more than 50 kg. So, Tula in the first half of 1990 were able to design, test and prepare for mass production of AGS-30. Possessing all the characteristics of "Flame", Tula mounted grenade launchers weighs only 17 kg. This allows the thrower to the battlefield quickly change the position, which is very important for "saving lives" of his soldiers. It would seem that long ago had to be replaced in the arsenals of the army all AGS AGS-17-30. But this has not happened and is unlikely to happen in the near future.

In addition to the classic weapons, defense companies are already fighting systems of the new century.

Company RHEINMETALL showed that training complex, which the Germans are building now at the training center Moulineaux. It will be really implemented a lot of interesting things — in Russia polygon similar training centers there. But the fact is that the Germans sold us the ideology of integrated training centers, at least, ten years ago. At the same time, Russia is much more interesting proposals which implement the ideology of the future.

For example, the company "Transas" has demonstrated a number of simulators for training crews of combat helicopters, tanks, light armored vehicles, as well as virtual firearms training systems. Feature them in that they allow you to teach not only the crew of one machine or a single arrow, but the whole combat units. When the crew of each car knows the location of other military units in the future — and helicopters, target designation and support exchanges of fire. In our country, such simulators have appeared for the first time. But incredibly different — they begin to enter the army. If they confirm the operation of the declared characteristics, the need for procurement training centers abroad will disappear by itself.

Premiered ready to use kit network-centric command and control systems. These systems are created concern "Constellation". Interestingly, the program itself translation troops on network-centric management is also called "Constellation". It is a technique that uses only digital communication and computer software. In Zhukovsky shows the different control systems mounted on the BTR-80.

It would seem to be glad about a breakthrough in computing the future of the Russian army, but not so smooth. As the developers say, the technique of automatic control systems based on high technology — this is not the AK, which need only to fire the trigger press. In order to successfully operate and fight in the "Constellation" is required serious technical training of personnel. But how to ensure that when soldiers of the year is? In addition, in order to become perfect in computer technology for military purposes, a person must be a psychological predisposition to such work. And no such thing as testing to identify exactly computer skills in military recruits in the army is not there. What to do? No one knows.

The fact that the problem really exists, has confirmed to me the chief hardware MP-1IME — one of the main machinery control the entire complex — Shamil Fiskhanov, conscripts. He just presented at the exhibition BTR-80, bristling with antennas. Shamil has a college education, six months he was trained in the training division. According to him, to be the head of such a complex hardware really hard, and if he had a choice, it would be better to go to the gunners. It said people with higher education. What to take with a
guy who comes into the army after high school? Sergeant who was standing next to Dmitry Chebakov — squad cover APCs with hardware control system honestly say that it is unlikely to have mastered this very MP-1IME even if it sat for a year.

So little to supply the troops of the fifth-generation combat vehicles, have yet to find someone who can professionally master this technique. However, the happy one — fighting technique XXI century in our country is created, and a forum TBM-2012 is confirmed.

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