Russian armored vehicles Tiger will protect the Guinean gold and diamond mines

Continues to increase the number of countries that buy military products Arzamas Engineering Plant. As the site, armored cars party "Tiger" was given to the Republic of Guinea. There also have been seconded to the company’s specialists. They controlled delivery "Tigers" and trained officers of the presidential regiment basic driving skills, acquainted with the operational characteristics of special-purpose machines.


Technology Company of Guinea commended President Alpha Conde. He personally met armored vehicles and immediately offered to check driving performance of "Tigers".
Many hours on forced marches, length of 170 kilometers and back, in the province of Kindia "Tigers" have shown themselves worthy. Moreover, in order to approximate the test drive to the real conditions in the car was loaded with full military kit and a company of troops.
The President of the Republic, the Minister of Defense and representatives of the local commanders of the armed forces gave the most flattering assessment of Arzamas "Tigers".

In Guinea, our equipment will perform an honorable mission — to protect the gold and diamond mines.

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