Russian army will adopt Israeli UAVs

  • Israeli UAV Heron TP.  Archive
  • Israeli UAV Heron TP. Archive

MOSCOW, February 6 — RIA Novosti.Russia has no plans to enter into contracts relating to the supply of unmanned aerial vehicles made in Israel, or to renew an agreement signed earlier for the production of this equipment in Russia, told reporters on Wednesday the first deputy chairman of the Military Industrial Commission (MIC) under the government of Ivan Kharchenko.

"So far, no issues for the future, associated with the resolution of purchases of foreign technology in bespilotya, the commission shall not be imposed," — he said.

A similar position — that the Israeli drones in the near future Russia will not be purchased — announced in August 2012 the then First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov. He noted that Russia "is a three-year contract with Russian-Israeli venture factory of civil aviation in Yekaterinburg.’s When it (the contract) will be executed, and then a decision is made: we will or will not buy."

Kharchenko also explained that while the speech and did not go for an extension of previous agreements on the production of this equipment in Russia. He noted that other types of weapons and military equipment purchases of foreign products now also extremely rare.

"Now these are isolated cases, it is extremely rare, exceptional thing. All this is thoroughly discussed, it is necessary to prove that there is a serious need for such purchases, but in any case we are talking about single copies, not the serial supply," — said the first deputy chairman of the military-industrial complex .

He recalled that Russia has not yet completed testing Italian wheeled tanks. "The report we have no information that there is a unique opportunity for these tanks. Even if the Defense Ministry will come out on this or other equipment to the proposals, which I doubt very seriously in light of the position of the new minister, these issues can only be solved by the full Commission, "- said Kharchenko.

Earlier, Russia’s leading expert in the field of unmanned aircraft, the chief editor of "Unmanned Aircraft" Denis Fedutinov told RIA Novosti that the new leadership of the Defense Ministry is likely to give preference to domestic developments in the field of unmanned aircraft short range. According to him, some of Russian developments can be taken on the Russian Army in 2013.

And the head of the Department of the Air Force, "Rosoboronexport" Sergei Kornev said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the share of Russian drones in the global arms market by 2022 could reach 5%.

He noted that Russia has created competitive drones samples that meet modern requirements, but for some items (range, altitude, flight duration), even superior to their foreign counterparts. Now, according to Rosoboronexport, the main suppliers of drones are Israel and the United States, which accounted for 70% of world exports.

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