Russian army will change inedible food (AFP, France)

Moscow — Russia has decided to change the daily diet of the soldiers of the Russian army, which serves to imperial times were evaluated primarily by many as inedible.


"Izvestia" newspaper reported that Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov — a civilian in charge of the implementation of a major military reform, strict orders to withdraw from the diet, another traditional carbohydrate meal.

Pearl barley porridge, cheap oily concoction that requires long cooking to achieve a state in which it can digest, was officially banned in favor of a much more expensive and delicious buckwheat.

"Izvestia" newspaper reported that Serdyukov has insisted on making a decision despite the fact that buckwheat is five times more expensive than pearl barley, forcing the dismissal of a large number of civilian cooks from the army.

"The military explained the Minister's decision is deeply unpopular barley porridge among soldiers and officers, which for inedibility nicknamed" kirzuhoy '"- the newspaper said, citing sources in the ministry.

Serdyukov, a former furniture salesman, whose "Izvestia" newspaper describes as famous for his "antagonistic to the classical attributes of the Army," ordered the introduction of a fine of 15,000 rubles for catering that will put on a soldier's desk barley.

Now commanders will personally check the quality of the diet, and any diet disgruntled soldiers can complain to the Ministry of Defence on a special phone.

"Before conscription many conscripts have never eaten it, because in many families simply do Barley has long been preparing" — quote "News" the former head of food service.

"Therefore, being in the army, it was hard to get used to it. And we could not offer them anything else because it was made of the fact that we supply with a central database storage. "

Serdyukov's attempts to modernize the army often meet strong opposition from the traditional military.

His non-military history are also often the subject of ridicule, the latest example of what happened this summer, when TV channels showed him, Nuisance "goose step" a soldier during a parade in Siberia.

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