Russian astrophysicists were awarded a major international award


Russian astrophysicist Vyacheslav Mukhanaw and Alexei Starobin became winners Gruber, a major international award in the field of cosmology. They honored her for her contribution to the development of the theory of the acceleration of the expansion of the universe. Scientists do not just go into the scientific elites, but also will receive $ 500 million

The ceremony took place on September 3 at the conference COSMO 2013 Center for Theoretical Cosmology Stephen Hawking at Cambridge.

According to the text view, Mukhanaw Starobin and "changed the view of the origin of the universe and the mechanism of its formation."

Russian astrophysicists have made significant contributions to the development of the so-called inflationary theory, which describes the forces that influence the expanding and evolving universe.

The work of the Russians in the fund Gruber called the breakthrough that changed the understanding of the universe. Theory can help determine the reasons for its homogeneity in megamasshtabah and find out what triggered the formation of galaxies, stars, planets and other celestial objects.

Their design applied in fundamental work began in the late ’70s and early ’80s — a period of fruitful theoretical studies of early life of the universe. In 1965, it opened the so-called cosmic microwave background radiation, one of the key evidence supporting the Big Bang Theory, inspired a new generation of physicists.

Alexei Starobin approach was to use quantum mechanics and general relativity, which would help to figure out how the universe was formed. He made in 1979-1980 helped explain the calculation of extremely rapid expansion of the universe in the first moments of her life.

Vyacheslav Muharam, while MIPT officer, and his late colleague Gennady Chibisov of the Institute of Physics. Lebedev began work on the applications of quantum fluctuations in the model Starobin. They discovered that these tiny irregularities in the fabric of space-time could play the role of seeds that germinated slowly into the structure of the present universe as a web of clusters of galaxies.

Now Mukhanaw works in Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilian University. Starobin — the main researcher of Moscow ITF Landau.

Gruber Charitable Foundation, established in 2000 with the support of Yale University, is a U.S. non-profit organization. Gruber Prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in cosmology, genetics, law and neuroscience, as well as for his contribution to the development of women’s rights.

Award in the field of cosmology is awarded for discoveries leading to fundamental scientific advances. Awarded to the winners of the golden mark of distinction, as well as monetary compensation, which scientists share with your co-workers and large research organizations.

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