Russian aviation industry today. What is loaded?


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Smolensk Aircraft Plant
Included in the Corporation "Tactical Missiles". From aircraft produces 4 seater Yak-18, his 6-seater SM-2000, 6 seater SM-92 and its variant with a turbojet engine SM-92T.




For a long time, orders from the state on the aircraft were not, they were produced for the Air Club, private owners and for export. Now the plant carries out an order for 60 Yak-18 for flight schools. In the year comes to 30 Yak-18 to all customers. No longer can. On the SM-92T order from the border guards, besides aircraft exported. In the year of release 4.5.

Beriev Aircraft Company. Beriev Taganrog
With Irkut postponed production of Be-200. Emergency after fires ordered 8 cars. The plant can produce 3.4 aircraft per year. Was an order from Portugal and from Greece on 10 aircraft. But where is that Greece and Portugal where is? Now the plant is involved in the competition for seaplanes in France, is trying to sell the Be-200 Indonesia and Vietnam. But, regardless of export orders, there is a different perspective. Flying boats in principle give way to land aircraft. Redan creates resistance, and the fuselage of the boat is heavy. There are projects of the Be-250 and Be-300, which involve the use of successful e-wing aircraft for reconnaissance. There is a need for such aircraft in the Navy after the cancellation of the Be-12. In addition, the plant conducts repairs and refits IL-76 AWACS aircraft A-50. Will do from A-100 based on the IL-476 with the ability to monitor the situation not only in the air but also on the ground.

BE200 on MAX `11

Helicopter plants should be considered together — they have a single vendor and single-type products ..
Kazan Helicopter Plant
In 2007 it produced 33 helicopters, including one "ANSAT" and 32 Mi-8/17. In 2008 produced 58 helicopters (56 Mi-8/17 and two "Ansat"). In 2009, 85 helicopters (79 Mi-8/17 and six "ANSAT").
Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant
Mi-8/17 makes helicopters and Su-25UB (combat training). In Soviet times, a single Su-25 was produced by the Tbilisi, Issue combat training variant was small. Is upgrading the Su-25 variant of the Su-25SM and mastered the single attack aircraft Su-39 ..
On Mi-8/17 and Mi-38 is a huge demand in the global market due to good quality / price ratio. Competitors are expected.

The traditional buyers Mil helicopters (export and oil) is added to the Defense Ministry and the U.S.. The issue will increase.
Rostvertol Rostov-on-Don
In 2010, "Rostvertol" 23 helicopters delivered to customers (including 12 Mi-28N Russian Ministry of Defense, one M-26T in China, 10 Mi-35 four — in Myanmar, three — in Indonesia and Brazil), in 2009 year — 16 helicopters. Currently, in addition to the serial production of transport helicopters Mi-26T helicopter gunships and Mi-24 (Mi-35) standard company produces combat helicopter Mi-28, upgraded Mi-2A.
"Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress " "
Releases on the orders of the Ministry of Defense of Russian combat helicopters Ka-50 "Black Shark" and Ka-52 "Alligator" Kamov design bureau.
36 of them have already been ordered. Plant "Progress" is able to produce them to two pieces per month
Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise
Currently KumAPP issues for the Defense Ministry and the export Ka-27 PS (search and rescue), Ka-28 and Ka-29 (military transport), Ka-31 (radar), Ka-32 (multi-middle class) Ka-226 (light multi-purpose).
Order is likely to be extended after purchase Mistral. To equip four ships to 160 helicopters (twin set), and the sailors traditionally will order Kamovskoye machine
In the USSR a year on average, is about 130 Mi-8. This year’s edition of Mi-8 will be released on 140 machines with further growth. Total production of helicopters is expected to reach 300 per year, the "Russian Helicopters" portfolio is 1.5 thousand cars.
Knape Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association
Superjet releases, Su-30, Su-35BM and T-50
Ordered and should be released from 2012 to 2015, 48 Su-35. The same contract is expected from 2016 to 2018. May 3, 2011 in the air rose the first production Su-35s for military trials (ordered 3).
In addition, 2014 is expected to issue 10 (previously talked about a 6) T-50 for military trials, and 2 experienced. After 2015 it comes to ordering 60 T-50. Total production of fighter should increase from 23 in the year 2015 to 32 after. In Soviet times, Knape issued up to 70 Su-27 a year, but if the plant is not built, a civil engineering.
The new engine and aerodynamics can achieve savings of 6 to 8 percent in fuel consumption compared with its competitors.

SSJ-100 without engines

Today in KnAAPO — 7 cars that await engines in various stages of manufacture of a further 10 aircraft. Delivery engines hitherto 1 per month.
Download complete factory, so it’s even inhibits the assembly of fighters. Some manufacturing processes are transferred to other plants UAC — coloring moved to Ulyanovsk, freeing Komsomolsk paint brushes.
According to President Vladimir GSS Prisyazhnuk company plans to produce in 2011 8 aircraft in 2012 — 28, in 2013 — 42 aircraft, and in 2014, out of 60 boards each year.

It is planned to release SSJ-130 with black wing, which will have to compete with the Boeing 737. Perhaps it will organize an assembly in another plant. We consider a variant of SSJ-115. Variant SSJ-75 likely not be realized, due to the small demand for such aircraft and loading plant.

The Be-103

Was the assembly of Be-103. Exported to China and the United States. Was a Chinese order for 28 aircraft from the transfer of a license for the construction of 50 more. Manufactured 26 cars. In autumn 2010 the two took delivery of the first aircraft to China. Because of the load had to mothball production.


They set up the serial production of the C-80. In order to make the area the project was abandoned.
Was the assembly of the Su-33. She also had to make out, after the Chinese have decided to build fighter jets for aircraft carriers. What they get — is unknown, but the production is unlikely
to resume.
Was privatized management. However, Fedorov understood that when the Su-27 will become obsolete, the plant will not be able to exist. Money to develop a full-fledged new aircraft plant did not have. Management without resistance surrendered control over the plant KLA.


The plant currently produces multi-purpose combat aircraft Su-30MK combat training aircraft Yak-130. Visitors counted 33 cars are on the final assembly and testing. According to the number issued during the year, the Su-30 plant last year surpassed the peak level of output Soviet Su-27 (38 instead of 34). In this combat-capable aircraft factory then did not release.
In addition, in order to diversify production, the company has launched work on the design and preparation for mass production of a new generation of passenger aircraft, "Irkut MS-21." Competitor to enter the market medium-range Boeing 737 and Airbus 320predvaritelno planned for 2016.
In addition to the new aerodynamics aircraft will have a more efficient engine and a black wing. Boeing and Airbus are planning remotorization its single-aisle aircraft, but the design change they will not before 2020 — best left to compete in the wide-body aircraft. As a result, the MS-21 will be 15 percent more economical than even the aircraft with new engines and has a chance to lock into the market.
In 2011 at the Irkutsk aircraft plant scheduled to begin production of parts for the first eight aircraft MS-21 six-year (two versions — 150 and 180 seats) and two glider for ground tests. Mechanical assembly and electroplating factory production have a high degree of readiness for the implementation of the project. The next two years will work to automate the assembly shop. In the modernization of production at the Irkutsk aircraft factory invested 10.8 billion rubles., And only re-plants (St Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, Voronezh), will require about $ 600 million
Testing of the prototype MS-21 to begin in 2014, certification is planned for 2016 Project developers expect to produce up to 86 aircraft per year.
Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named. VP Chkalov Novosibirsk.


Builds Su-34 and Su-24 upgrades. Now the order of 23 Su-34 and just assumed purchase of 124 aircraft (including 70 to 2015).
Clear prospects
MiG plants
The distribution of load between the platform RAC "MiG" in Lukhovitsy near Moscow and JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Building Plant" Sokol "is planned in the ratio of 40% to 60%, and the final assembly will take place in Lukhovitsy.
In the future, according to plans, the entire amount of work on the final assembly with the Moscow area will be transferred to Luhovitsy, but work on the units will focus on the "Falcon". This would result in the download sites Lukhovitsy and Nizhny Novgorod in the ratio of 40% to 60%. In addition, Nizhny Novgorod is the assembly and modernization of MiG-31.
In Lukhovitsy assembly is "ship" MiG-29K fighters to India (45 aircraft) will collect them well for Russia (24 aircraft) and export MiG-29 for a number of countries. According to the "Rosoboronexport", the order book RAC "MiG" allows you to load up the company in 2016. It is assumed order for 30 MiG-35 in 2015.
IL-103 — a five-seat (pilot and four passengers), single-engine piston aircraft passenger air taxi, Released and ordered more than 60 aircraft, including Peru and South Korea.
Aircraft building plant "Sokol" — Nizhny Novgorod.
Produces aggregates for the MiG-29, Yak-103 produces and hosts the modernization of MiG-31 and BM version. Produced M-101 Gzhel, but due to the heavy load fighters and training aircraft bovymi release preserved.
JSC "Aviastar-SP" Ulyanovsk.
Produces Tu-204. The main problem — small series, as a result of each plane — a unique product. Expensive, low efficiency compared with Western rivals — three crew members, the use of composites — at the beginning of the 90s.


The first flight of Te-204CM
UAC solutions:

  1. • Minimize the assembly at the Kazan factory. The division into two production plant further reduces seriality.
  2. • Prepare a modification of the two members of the crew, a new engine and composites in the design of the Tu-204SM. The photo shows the proportion of composites.
  3. • Provide a large series (about 50 aircraft).
  4. • This series organize repair and supply of spare parts. The organization will continue to be used for the supply of spare parts for the MS-21.
  5. • In the future production of the Tu-204SM to rogue states.

In general, the center of Ulyanovsk selected transport aircraft. First, is moved to the production of IL-76 from the bankrupt Tashkent. Plane (to be called Il-476) from the mass 76 features new engines, a longer fuselage, wing panels of solid and lack of cockpit under the tail of the arrow.


Assembling the Il-476 Il-76 was a massive plane, so the market is there, especially as the expected initial order from the Ministry of Defence.
Secondly, there is the restoration of AN-124, which has orders from the military and from carriers. But this project depends on the relationship with Antonovskij KB, see below.
Unclear future

Production Association "Flight" Omsk
Included in the Khrunichev Center. Aviation — spin-off activities.
In the early 90’s as part of the concept of conversion of the military-industrial complex at FSUE "Flight" mastered the production of multi-role aircraft An-74, and serial production of light multipurpose aircraft An-3T. In May 2008, a modernization of the production. Planned and developed a five-seat light multi-role aircraft short takeoff and landing of the T-411 "Aist".
It is not known whether the Omsk produce aircraft, or focus on rockets.
Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VACO)
IL-96 in passenger configuration do not take the airlines, but some of them made for the presidential detachment may be made to rogue states, there is an order for a transport option.
An-148 is produced in small amounts (this year is likely to be handed over to two aircraft). The reason — the shortcomings in the organization of production and logistics with Kiev.
Change the situation could have a significant capital investment. However, Russia will not make such investments, without having control over the company Antonovsky and Ukraine have such means. The transfer of control of the same management as opposed Antonova and "political circles" of Ukraine. So, probably, the event will not develop in the Czech and on Uzbek scenario. So far Antonovites could lead thanks to the development of cash flow from its own airline. However, employees’ wages are rising and the company’s aircraft wear. Without a large series of new aircraft Bureau did not survive.
Meanwhile, there exists the possibility of de
Aircrafts for 70 passengers on the world market are much less popular than the aircraft with 100 seats. Dry unlikely to produce such a dimension.
Antonovites made an attempt to bring to market the An-158 in the same class as the Superjet. However, it is clear that the KLA, such competition is not satisfied.
AN-158 in Voronezh not plan to produce and supply from Ukraine are duty-free.
Manufacture of transport Il-112 suspended. Reasonable to make the transport version of AN-148. But, in case of lack of control over the project by the KLA, Russia likely to return to the development of its own transport aircraft.
So, there are two versions of events.
Either Ukrainian aircraft enters the KLA as an independent unit with broad powers. In this case, the Ukrainians receive investments, guaranteed by the CIS market for passenger airplanes in the range of 20-70 passengers, orders for transport aircraft, able to promote them to the markets of other countries.
Either Ukrainians are trying to act independently. In this case, Voronezh will produce kits for Superjet and MS-21 (such orders already), the assembly of its own transport aircraft, and eventually build SSJ-130 wide-body aircraft or Russian. Planes up to 70 passengers at the same time will be imported, but the fate of Ukrainian aircraft in question.
CAPO them. Gorbunov Kazan
it was determined a prime contractor to build the modifications of the Tu-214 and Tupolev’s leading repair distant bombers. Probably, will produce aircraft parts for the KLA, final assembly of conduct will not be.
"Aviacor" Samara.


Produces the An-140 and Tu-154 completes of hurt. At the time, went to Rusal, but to provide a rhythmic production of the new owners failed.
In 2011, the planned entry into the plant JSC "United Aircraft Corporation".
August 19, 2010 Aeroflot announced schedule according to which the company in 2016 plans to buy 25 An-140 aircraft. [6]
As of October 2010 in the production are two of the Tu-154M for the Ministry of Defense of Russia and one An-140 and two Tu-154 to repair. [7]
In December 2010, a contract was signed with the Ministry of Defence for the supply of nine aircraft An-140 until 2014.
Anything Goes above tale about the An-148 applies to the An-140. Two aircraft purchased Yakutia are on the ground due to lack of spare parts. If cooperation with Kyiv residents will not be adjusted, the plant will produce parts for assembly plants. Now one of the shops reconstructed to produce black wings.
Saratov Aviation Plant
Since the 1990s, the plant is in a state of crisis, the number of employees decreased by several times. Last Yak-42D was delivered to the customer in 2003. Then aircraft production was virtually halted, the plant worked mainly repair and maintenance of aircraft previously produced, the release of spare parts, repair units. As of the 2007 part of the areas of the plant was sold, empty shop, no equipment and specialists. The company had a lot of debt, its director accused of selling the land bank of the plant at a lower cost. The plant does not produce anything for a long time and for the full year 2007 was able to repair only one plane (the plant unsuccessfully tried to capitalize on the renovation of old aircraft). In 2007, we introduced the bankruptcy proceedings. In 2010, the plant has virtually ceased to exist, the renewed bankruptcy. The once 30-thousand collective left about 200 people. Aerodrome "Saratov-South" closed its land offered for sale. Dismantled virtually all hangars and runways, virtually removed protection, so that the factory looted property. Unique documents, photos and video archives disappear in dilapidated buildings.
This is the first time in the history of Soviet and Russian aviation, when the manufacturer was discontinued ekpsluatatsionno and technical support (MOT, repairs, spare parts supply, etc.) in service aircraft (Yak-42, Yak-42D).
The results

  1. At the time, Yegor Gaidar, a request to support the aviation industry said that this monster has no place in the new Russia. Monster survived Gaidar.
  2. In many areas of production (especially given the increasing complexity and the complexity of the new aircraft) went on the peak values of the USSR. On the other will be released in a few years.
  3. Entrepreneurial initiative and competition had a positive effect only on the production of light (up to 2 passengers) aircraft. Among the aircraft factories and succeeded only state close to the state enterprise. Private factories or stagnating or bankrupt (as Saratov).
  4. The problem is the limited loaded aircraft factories manufacturing space. For this reason, closed projects, which could bring in additional revenue. Solve the problem of trying to shift production to other plants KLA.
  5. In the coming years will have to be determined by the KLA on relations with Antonov. Development is not possible without attachments. Attachments assume control of the investor. If Antonovites want and get the money and retain control — it does not work.

Table for civil aircraft

Table for civil aircraft


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