Russian balloonists

Aeronautical Centre "Augur" was founded in 1991 by a group of enthusiasts, and balloonists in 20 years of existence, has become the leading Russian manufacturer of lighter-than-air and one of the world leaders in the industry.


Today the team of the company has more than 150 people, including 2 academicians and one member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. KE Tsiolkovsky, two academics and one member of the Academy of Aviation and Aeronautics, 4 doctors and candidates of science 7, 3 winners of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology, the four members of the International Association of Dirizhabelnaya.
Company structure allows for a full cycle of works on creation of aeronautic engineering: the design carries Design Office; multifunctional production includes a unique site for the assembly of shells, equipped with computer cutting machines and modern welding line; has its own flight-testing facility and aviation training center.
The quality system implemented in the company, certified in accordance with ISO 9001. The company also has all the necessary licenses, including licenses for the design and production of military equipment and weapons, as well as a developer certificate of civil aeronautical equipment issued by the IAC.
The basis of the enterprise products are airships and tethered balloons — the most popular types of aeronautical engineering. EC "Augur" is the only Russian manufacturer of manned airships. Since 1999, released 12 airships five different types. Every second airship in the world, made from the last 10 years, assembled at our factory. Among them, the first Russian certified airship Au-12 and the world’s largest modern non-rigid airship Au-30 — Desyatimestny unit, set in 2008 the world distance record. Currently, one of our fabricated Au-30 airship preparing to fly to the North Pole. The main areas of application of airships manufactured by JSC "Aeronautical Centre" Augur "are: patrol, technical monitoring, aerial photography and creation of geographic information systems, geophysical and other technical studies, advertising and tourism.
Tethered aerostat production complexes EC "Augur" — a unique and highly effective media for various surveillance equipment and communications. They allow you to host and provide power to the payload weighing up to 3 tons at an altitude of 5000 meters. For 20 years, has created more than 20 types of tethered balloons — from the smallest Au-6 long 6 meters, to the largest in the history of Russia and the USSR balloon complex "Puma" is a length of 62 meters. Three such complexes delivered to customers on the line of "Rosoboronexport". Today, work is underway to establish a set of ‘Lion’ length of 75 meters and a volume of about 20,000 cubic meters In fact, "Augur" is one of three companies in the world (the other two — in the U.S.), in fact, proven ability to produce very large volumes of balloons.
Since 1996, the company is actively involved in the work being carried out within the framework of state defense order. A series of research and development work for the Ministry of Defence. Individual samples taken on board. All work carried out under the supervision of the military office of the Ministry of Defense.
Production of JSC "Aeronautical Centre ‘Augur’ demand both in Russia and abroad. It comes in 14 countries, including the line of "Rosoboronexport". In order to promote our high-tech products made four overseas offices, operates a network of dealers and regional representatives.

Special Features:

Multi-Au-30 airship

Au-12 airship Double

"PUMA" tethered balloon high volume

"Tiger" tethered balloon on a large amount of mobile mooring

as well as

 "Cheetah" tethered balloon on the average volume of mobile mooring

"Lynx" tethered balloon small volume

"Irbis" tethered balloon small volume

"AeroLift" Tethered Aeronautical Attraction


ATLANTA — transport technology of the future

In the "Skolkovo" will create a new type of aircraft

The highest score Atlantia

Atlant in Skolkovo

Unmanned aerostatic platform "FALCON"

High-altitude aerostatic platform "Berkut"

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