Russian banks are adopting the technology takes away the bread from bill collectors

In Russia the number of banks that use the technology cash-recycling — Issuance of ATM customer bills made to him by another client. It allows you to reduce the cost of the bank for collection and for many years, is widely used abroad.



 CNews was told in the Russian office of the ATM manufacturer Diebold, in the past year, several banks in Russia have launched pilot projects on the use of ATM Cash Recycler (cash-recycling). Its essence lies in the fact that the bill introduced in the ATM one client to another client are issued.


Until recently, the Russian ATMs with a closed circulation of cash is not used. In devices with a standard architecture, there are two separate repository for the "incoming" and "outgoing" bills that do not intersect. Unloading and loading of banknotes money for the grant in this case carries collection. Banknotes for emitting customers are pre-filtering in the bank: they are checked for authenticity, the degree of wear and tear, etc. In the case of recycling, collection of ATMs requires much less frequently, which allows banks to reduce the operating costs of this article.

According to the head of the Russian representation of Diebold Valeria Khrabrov, banks, ATMs which began testing his company last year, is now being prescribed internal regulations, how to cash-recycling ATMs will be properly taken into account in their operating cycles. After the settlement of the issue on the basis of testing, they will decide on the possible use of automated teller machines, said the brave.

In early 2011, the year of the beginning of the industrial use of ATMs with recycling informed "Guta-Bank". The company purchased 10 of these production Wincor Nixdorf ATMs to be installed in their offices a new type of format which involves equipping the latest technology.

A pioneer in the use of ATMs with a closed circulation of cash in Russia, perhaps, be called "Alfa-Bank". He began to look closely to these devices as early as 2009, starting them on a pilot basis. 

As told CNews head of the escort business processes of retail business "Alfa-Bank" Maxim Dareshin, full-fledged operation, recycling ATMs they began in 2011 at the moment, "Alfa-Bank" ATMs have 83 of these, accounting for 3% of the total fleet. Most of them are installed in Moscow, and the manufacturer of these devices is the main supplier of the Bank — NCR.

The first results of operation were positive, says Dareshin, and in the development plans of the bank’s ATMs are there. "But we must understand that the effect of this ATM is highly dependent on the specific point where it is installed — on the balance of customers that they will enjoy. In the case of a strong bias in favor of withdrawing cash or making, the effectiveness of such a device is lost, "- he explains.

Last year, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) was first certified ATM Cash Recycler. They became the Opteva 328 production Diebold. In the "Alfa-Bank" believe that it is a major step forward in the use of ATMs with recycling in Russia and hope that in the near future the number of certified devices will increase significantly.

It should be noted, however, that under current laws mandatory certification of the Central Bank should take place only countable and sorting machines, which are used in credit institutions. The rest is the same technique, including ATMs, certified on a voluntary basis.

CB and had not prohibited the use ATMs with recycling in the Russian credit organizations. However, they had to respond to the situation of the bank, "On the order of cash transactions and the rules of storage, transportation and collection of banknotes and coins of the Bank of Russia in the credit institutions in the Russian Federation" in terms of ATM equipment such detectors to check the authenticity of banknotes.

March 12, 2012 came into force of the Central Bank, which says that the closed ATM cash turnover should have recognition feature at least four machine-readable security features of the banknotes. In the "Alfa-Bank" said CNews, which used them to recycling ATMs meet all requirements for authentication of banknotes.

It is noteworthy that in a number of foreign countries with recycling ATMs have been used for many years. The highest prevalence are probably received in Asia. Thus, the first ATMs in Japan with such a function appeared in 1980. In Europe, recycling ATMs began to receive widespread in the early 2000s. In contrast to Russia, where they are subject to mandatory certification. 

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