Russian barbarians primitive mind does not allow them to accept the values of the civilized world

Russian barbarians! This maxim is known for more than a century Europe. The civilized world is traded slaves, burning witches at the stake, cut out the infidels in the Crusades, destroyed the population of entire continents, but the Russian remained barbarians. Clanking iron, dirty, but the proud German (as well as Polish, Swedish, French … all and sundry, though) lytsar carried the light of these barbarians. That terrible to say, at least once a week, washed in the bath, do not know what the slave trade and, worst of all, the letter understand. Thank God, not all.

As the years passed. 

Eight-hour working day, free universal education, free medical care, equal rights for women ..! And this at a time when the British Empire planted feminists and quelled prison hunger and guns. What kind of example are fed subjects civilized empires?! What is most sad is the dictatorship of the proletariat, the courts of "enemies of the revolution", famines and gulags frighten citizens of the same NAUS failed. After all, there is also dying of hunger (not for nothing that the American photographs of starving 30s illustrated Yushchenko "Ukrainian Famine" of 1932-33), were deprived of all and of despair million recorded in the labor army or going to storm the city.

The situation could have saved Hitler. Oh, how he carefully set against the Soviet Union. Gave half of Europe, conducted the Olympics, signed the infamous Munich Agreement, fed him and Poles Czechoslovakia, gave Spain and Poland. Even France, Belgium, Holland … in general — all of Europe. And still made their way — Frenzied punched by barbarians. Okay so punched. Still — the whole industry in Europe has worked on it, the SS divisions were recruited dozens of volunteers from European countries in the struggle against Bolshevism, millions went to the police, support troops, hundreds of thousands of bayonets put allies. Of the many millions of Russian has taken root in Europe (no really — it toupee, Chuvash and Udmurt) formed part of the police, the troops of scouts and saboteurs.

And so all is well at first evolved. Within a few months half of the European territory was occupied by the advance units of civilized Europe. 80000000 barbarians instantly gained access to the values of freedom and democracy, the third industry and half of arable land became inaccessible hateful barbaric regime. Freed joyfully welcomed the victorious army and strongly contributed to the construction of a new world. In the Baltics and Belarus, Ukraine and Russia formed part of the exempt of the locals new government bodies. Almost all were almost happy.

It all ended even sadder than it could be. Utterly defeated and destroyed by the barbarians smashed into a fine vinaigrette all liberators, penetrated with their stupid ideas in Europe, returned to land mass. In the East, they were stopped only demonstration nuclear bomb has already defeated Japan. Empire collapsed, had to give his subjects and the unions, and the 8-hour working day, and equal rights for women, education, health care, pensions. In general, the continuous losses.

It became easier by the end of the century, when the dizziness from success and tireless work all over the world brought down finally hated Russia-USSR. Authorities surviving part of a barbaric country regularly introduce advanced Western technology, management, the debts were growing properly, Western corporations have successfully fixed on the still vast areas, the population dying out faster than using primitive Nazi crematoria, freed from Russian domination latter-day independent states became the most faithful helpers in the civilizing Mission West. Approximately was ready and plan proper and equitable sharing of the remaining territory. The question did not stand how and when — a few years, you could wait. The twentieth century ended with just excellent.

Since then, it took twelve years.

PS The funny thing is that I just wanted to write about how I prefer to be a barbarian in a barbaric country. Because I do not understand the values of Western civilization. I can not understand why the bastard that killed 77 people, has received a total of 21 years in prison. Why do thousands of poor people take millions of euros in the prisons of the nits. My primitive barbaric mind, my upbringing and value system does not meet the criteria for a "civilized humanity." So I do not want to go there.

We have a poor compliance with the laws, there is no democracy and corrupt almost everything. We live in the middle and now poorer and less secure than we are trying to destroy centuries of Europe.

But I really would rather live in their country. To which I somehow adapted. And as much as to improve the lives and country. Their lives and their country. Barbaric, but his own.

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