Russian BDK Caesar Kunikov returned to Sevastopol from the Mediterranean campaign

In Sevastopol from other Mediterranean campaign returned a large landing ship (BDK) Russian Black Sea Fleet (BSF) "Caesar Kunikov", visited the ports of Corfu Greece, Pylos, Piraeus and Alexandroupolis, and the Montenegrin port of Kotor. As the press service of the Defense Ministry, stay BDK "Caesar Kunikov" in Corfu took place in the framework of the Public Forum "Russian Week in Corfu", during which the crew of the Russian ship took part in the Days of the memory of Admiral FF Ushakov.


The traditional visit to Pylos was timed to the anniversary of the naval battle of Navarino, in which the 20 October 1827 the combined squadron of Russia, Britain and France defeated the Ottoman fleet.

In Piraeus, the command and crew BDK "Caesar Kunikov" together with representatives of the Russian Embassy in Greece and local authorities in the town cemetery commemorate Russian sailors.

In Alexandroupolis Russian sailors took part in the celebration of the national holiday of the Republic of Greece — Ochi Day.

In all the ports of call, including Kotor Montenegro, the performances of the artists of Song and Dance Ensemble and orchestra BSF headquarters, and the Marines marine brigade fleet participated in two holiday parades in the Greek ports of Pylos and Alexandroupolis.

Length of trip ship was more than one month. During this time, BDK was about 3 thousand nautical miles.

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